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Another hand in my pocket!
Posted Wednesday, May 26, at 10:57 AM
Another big thanks to the political machine for yet another hand in my pocket! Thank you to those who thought making us get prescription to get all the "D" allergy medicine was a good idea! Hey boneheads! Have you lost your everlovin' minds! Here let me spell it out for you, all the laws you make will NOT stop criminals from breaking them! Get that through your eternally fogged brains! It only makes it more of a pain for those who follow the rules anyway! You want to deter crime?!? The punishment must be bad enough to make them decide it is not worth the risk getting caught or.........(here's where it gets good).......to end their ability to break the law! In others words removing their privilige of living in our ( the ones who follow laws) society! I for one back the use of public execution! Why are the law abiding citizens the ones being punished for the meth-heads crimes?!? They have already proven they will do whatever it takes to get it so make them suffer more and not those of us who have to endure allergy season in Swamp-east Missouri! Get off your high horses and start earning your (over)pay!. ...

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Does it REALLY work?!?
Posted Wednesday, February 17, at 12:14 AM

I was needing some advice on a recent purchase and was directed to the "Does it work Wednesday" section of the KFVS website. I was glancing through some of the products that they tested and thought some if not most were a waste of MY time at least. Products that I could have pretty much said were not gonna live up to their hype at least, and at worst were just plain snake oil!...

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That stinks!!
Posted Thursday, December 3, at 3:11 PM

Working retail stinks!! Literally!! I debated about doing this but after a recent run on cigarettes and go phone minutes,(surprisingly at the first of the month), I just HAD to! If you can afford cigs and phone cards surely you can buy soap!! I had the unfortunate privilige of working for a major retail establishment for almost 2 years. ...

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Death Penalty
Posted Friday, October 23, at 12:40 AM

Ok! Time to drop the gloves!!(hockey lingo for those of you who may not know). How can anyone watch the news reports about the little girl in Florida and say that the person who did that does not deserve to die!! If ever it was warranted, it is in the case of those who hurt children! You make the choice to take someones child , use them for your own sick and twisted self gratification and want to beg mercy from others!!...

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I hate waiting!!
Posted Wednesday, October 21, at 9:32 AM

Actually I don't hate waiting. I despise walking into a doctors office, checking in, smiling at the person behind the window(them smiling back)and waiting and hour and a half past the appointment time without being told!!! I understand emergencies happen so don't go to that old stand by! But to not notify the rest of the CUSTOMERS, which is what they are, is just inconsiderate and rude!...

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Revelation 3:14-19 If you were to read these verses you would find the foundation for this blog and have an understanding of the essence of me. I am a Christian! I am not ashamed or embarrassed to be so, nor will my obvious faults keep me from proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Every "rant" in this blog will have this fact at it's base. This in no way should be taken as me believing that I am right all the time. May I always be ready to accept the lessons that come only from being wrong! However I will be either hot or cold! May the Lord Jesus not find me to be lukewarm.
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