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March comes in with a burst of Sunshine!

Posted Saturday, March 6, 2010, at 6:54 PM

This painting reflects an idealized view of what small towns used to look like before the Big Box superstores and giant malls. Many Stoddard County residents look back and wish they could recapture those times.
March 2010 greeted winter-weary residents with a welcome warm-up, brilliant sunshine, and blue skies! Stoddard Country residents shed their long underwear and heavy coats to rush outside and enjoy a preview of Spring. Farmers took advantage of the dry weather to till their fields and get ready to plant their crops.

These are the core activities happening in Advance for the month of March. Please feel free add to the ones that we missed - and check back for updates.

Tuesday, March 2....7 p.m. The Advance Community Library held its first meeting since raising over $950 in matching funds for the Bill and Melinda Gates Technology Grant. With $1,000 in regularly-budgeted city funds, they will now be able to receive $5850 from the foundation, with which to purchase 3 new computers. They plan to continue fund-raising for Phase II of the process, which will result in 2 more computers at 50% matching of $2600/$2600.

Thursday, March 4...6 p.m. Senior Center board meeting - cancelled due to illness of the Board chairman. This organization was pleased to accept another local church as monthly sponsor - Bethel General Baptist Church has joined Christian Life and Brownwood Baptist to support the center, which receives no government help.

Monday, March 8...7 p.m. Lone Oak Board of Trustees.

Thursday, March 11...7 p.m. Advance R-IV School Board meeting.

Sunday, March 14....Daylight Savings Time begins!! Yippee!!!

Monday, March 15...6 p.m. Advance Board of Aldermen meeting. City Hall, Gabriel Street.

Saturday, March 20...Spring officially begins!

Monday, March 28....6:30 Stoddard County Historical Meeting (business meeting) 7 p.m. (program) Stars & Stripes Museum in Bloomfield.

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We didn't appreciate what we had when we had it!

R.I.P. small towns.... It happened so gradually...

-- Posted by goat lady on Sat, Mar 6, 2010, at 8:32 PM

GL - take out the big American gas guzzlers and the Mobil Flying Red Horse (Pegasus). You would be left with small town NZ as it exists today.

-- Posted by wartz on Mon, Mar 15, 2010, at 3:01 AM

Really?! Mmm...maybe we all need to buy a plane ticket and head to New Zealand!!

-- Posted by goat lady on Sat, Mar 20, 2010, at 6:10 PM

However, there would be a slight problem for y'all. Any vehicle visible would have its steering wheel on the opposite side and the vehicle itself would be facing in the opposite direction !

-- Posted by wartz on Thu, Mar 25, 2010, at 6:00 PM

Horrors! What chaos! We can hardly drive on the right side without running into each other - I don't think we could ever handle the opposite side!That's just downright uncivilized!!!

-- Posted by goat lady on Fri, Mar 26, 2010, at 9:27 PM

This is one of the joys of living south of the Equator - everything is back to front. Even water draining down the kithchen sink swirls in the opposite direction. Yes, really !

-- Posted by wartz on Sat, Mar 27, 2010, at 1:10 AM

Make that "kitchen"

-- Posted by wartz on Sat, Mar 27, 2010, at 7:51 AM

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