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Oink! (Part One)
Posted Wednesday, April 14, at 11:05 PM
I remember reading George Orwell's two great novels when I was a teenager, "1984" and "Animal Farm", and being profoundly impacted by the message carried in each. Growing up in the American culture of my day I was grateful to believe that these two scenarios painted by the words and ideas of Orwell would never become a reality in the country which I loved....how na*ve...

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The Winds Of Freedom
Posted Tuesday, April 6, at 2:46 PM

It is a beautiful day; the spring winds are whipping and furling the flag of our country and the sunshine is bright, bright with hope. The long days of winter are finally over. The various shades of gray that have wrapped winter in its grasp have been removed with the first sounds of robins and the blooming of the Easter lilies. I love spring for it always brings renewed visions of life...and the liberation of the human soul from the lifeless clutches of winter...

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God Is Great!
Posted Friday, November 13, at 12:09 PM

In a somber moment, the United States military forces worldwide, observed a moment of silence to mark the moment that a gunman, who had been one of their own, killed 13 people -- including 12 soldiers -- and wounded at least 28 others at Fort Hood, TX...

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Posted Tuesday, October 27, at 2:13 PM

It has been said, "Borrow money from a pessimist, he doesn't expect you to pay it back," Apparently, we are a nation of pessimist. The amount of debt that our government has generated is unfathomable for most of us. We have placed our lives and the future lives of our children into the hands of men and women of both parties and they are taking away our hope and our future through unmitigated spending...

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Why Teams Succeed!
Posted Friday, October 23, at 3:56 PM

We live in a dysfunctional society and it has become the norm for most of us. Most teams, whether it is a family, a business, a church or some other social group learns to embrace and manage their dysfunctions rather than doing the hard work of change. It becomes easy to blame and point fingers instead of taking responsibility and making personal and group adjustments. By embracing dysfunction and practicing blame-shifting they limit their ability to perform at an optimal level and grow...

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Why Teams Fail
Posted Thursday, October 15, at 12:06 PM

I believe in teams. I am not just talking about teams filled with athletes but also seeing business leadership as a team, the church as a team and even the family unit working together as a team. Throughout my life I have had the privilege to work on many different types of teams. ...

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I Am Surprised And Humbled
Posted Saturday, October 10, at 2:45 PM

"I am surprised and humbled" were the words that President Obama said in response to his winning of one of the world's most prestigious awards; the Nobel Peace Prize. Surprised, he should be. Humbled, he must be. The Nobel Peace Prize is one of five Nobel Prizes that was to be the legacy of the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel. ...

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"Where's The Beef"
Posted Friday, October 9, at 2:28 PM

Wikipedia defines the term pork barrel politics as spending that is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes. The term supposedly originates to a pre-Civil War practice of giving slaves a barrel of salted pork in order to create competition among the slaves so that they would get their share of the pork. ...

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Just Common Sense
Phil Warren
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