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Ah, fall!
Posted Friday, October 10, at 8:01 AM
Listen.....hear the rustle in the air? I even love the definition of the word rustle... (A soft, muffled, cracking sound like that caused by the movement of dry leaves or paper) It conjures up memories of my own childhood and those of my children. I can smell the fall air filled with dried, falling leaves and cotton ready for the picking...

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Posted Friday, April 4, at 4:46 PM

It seems as though I am the only person in the world who isn't in tune with the sunset. I remember one evening as a very young child sitting on our front porch and watching as the sun was giving its final show for the day. Although it was magnificent, I had the loneliest feeling as I sat with my little hands folded under my chin watching as it kept sinking lower and lower until finally it seemed as though it dropped completely off the earth. ...

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The Gift of Friends
Posted Friday, March 28, at 10:31 AM

Those of you who know me well know I love meeting and making new friends, but I sure do love my old friends. New friends have a wonderful future together. They can do things that are new to each of their lives even though each one may have experienced them many times before their relationship began. ...

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Wishing Away!
Posted Monday, February 17, at 12:23 PM

Have you ever found yourself full of "I Wishes"? I never really thought of them in those words before, until one morning recently. It seemed on this particular morning that if it could go wrong - it did. Oh, nothing big or tragic, just little life annoyances that start your day out wrong, or worse, if you let them, ruin your entire day...

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Thanks for the memories
Posted Saturday, December 21, at 9:46 PM

Well, it's that time of year again. This year is coming to a close and a new one is on the horizon. I've seen happiness, I've seen sadness, I've seen people leave this earth that I cared deeply about, and their departure has left a big hole in my heart. I've seen people spared because apparently God was not ready for them. I know this is true for each of you also...

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Posted Saturday, November 30, at 10:31 AM

After reading the article that Noreen so skillfully wrote about Mary Ulen, I decided that my next column should follow up with more about the Ulen family. I first met the Ulens when I was only a child at the age of eight. My father, who many of you have come to know from my writings of him, moved our family to a lovely, unique house on the Ulen farm. My dad, a World War II veteran, spent the next three years helping Mr. Ulen on his farm...

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Hometown heroine
Posted Monday, October 14, at 11:21 AM

You already know that my daughters call me "Alley Cat Mom". That is because they never know from whence they may receive a phone call from me. I explained this in an earlier column. Anyway, recently I was on one of my alley cat'n drives around our little town when once again, I realized how fortunate we are. So many towns our size have gone by the wayside and are not pretty or even still have a downtown area, much less such a neat one such as ours. This is true even for many larger towns...

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A special heroine
Posted Tuesday, September 24, at 4:01 PM

You know after three years of reading my ramblings that I do a lot of reminiscing of the 'olden' years that I call the true 'golden years'. Those days were much slower and in a child's mind, too slow. Those are the days I find myself often yearning for...

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For the love of ice cream!
Posted Saturday, September 14, at 10:17 AM

Recently I apparently caught some sort of yucky bug that lasted for about nine days. It went from bouts of nausea to light headedness to stomach pain. Then, at times it all hit me at the same time. I didn't know for sure if it was just a bug until I met my daughter, Gina, in Cape and we went to the mall. As we passed through the fragrance center, I knew it definitely was a bug...

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It's the little things in life
Posted Saturday, August 31, at 3:32 PM

Today as I was sitting in my yard swing, looking up to the sky once again, my mind took off on one of its wandering tours, and as so often it will do, took me back to my childhood. The year would have been 1955 or 1956, and was either late spring or early summer. ...

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Puppy passion
Posted Monday, August 5, at 7:37 AM

A few days ago I saw a Facebook post that said "Life is better with dogs." That started me thinking about some special dogs in my life. When I was six years old we lived in Fisk, way off the main highway. Umm, I think that would have been around 1952. Oops, I think I just told my age. Anyway, back then we had lots of flooding and of course the flooding brought lots of snakes...

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Not just a walk in the park
Posted Friday, June 21, at 3:05 PM

A few days ago I decided to have breakfast before I went to work. So I went to the Airport Cafe, had a delicious breakfast, watched a couple planes and enjoyed the crowd. When I finished eating, it was still early, so I took one of my drives around the old part of town where I grew up. ...

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Mr. and Mrs. Mourning Dove
Posted Tuesday, June 4, at 7:51 AM

And so the saga of Mr. and Mrs. Mourning Dove continues, and ends. Those of you who read the last Korner know that we had a family of mourning doves build in one of my purple petunia hanging pots on our front porch. As I stated in that column, I only had the pot hanging for less than an hour when the couple started scoping it out. ...

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Welcome, neighbors
Posted Friday, April 26, at 9:48 AM

We are getting some new neighbors. I don't know how long they have been looking for a home, but I am glad they chose to build near us. We live in a great neighborhood with great neighbors. I'm sure they will love their new home. Their building spot has plenty of lush green surroundings with the most luscious smelling flowers you can imagine...

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The love of siblings
Posted Friday, April 19, at 9:10 AM

All my friends who know me, and my readers who have kept up with me the last three years, know that I am the oldest of nine children. Being the oldest, most of the time is fun, but you also find yourself many times in a mother's roll when you are no more than a child yourself. Mom always called me 'old mother hen'. In fact, when our home burned, when I was six years old, she was trying to get furniture out and I was telling her, "Momma get your babies out!"...

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Life is good in a small town
Posted Friday, March 15, at 4:08 PM

I recently attended the 13th annual "Friends of the Library" dinner/fashion show. With approximately 250 in attendance, it was a smash hit as usual. The food was sumptuous, the fashion show was wonderful, the models, young and older were spectacular, and the camaraderie was great...

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A lesson on the Pony Express
Posted Monday, March 11, at 8:43 AM

"While I am in the employ of A. Majors, I agree not to use profane language, not to get drunk, not to gamble, not to treat animals cruelly and not to do anything else that is incompatible with the conduct of a gentleman. And I agree, if I violate any of the above conditions, to accept my discharge without any pay for my services."...

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Heros and heroines
Posted Friday, February 8, at 3:17 PM

You have read in past columns where I said that my girls call me "Alley Cat Mom." Well, that is pretty much true. You never know where you may see me driving. Perhaps in a muddy road down the middle of a field, or down an alley that may have been forgotten by most. Or, perhaps, just driving around town remembering who lived where or which business sat in a certain location that is no longer there...

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Happy New Year
Posted Monday, January 14, at 8:48 AM

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of you who have stayed in touch with me through the last couple months. I must confess it hasn't been easy. Many of you know my precious mother suffered a massive stroke on Oct. ...

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It's been awhile...
Posted Tuesday, December 4, at 9:22 AM

I know it has been a while since you have heard from me and many of you have let me know it. Now here is where I have to say, "LOL". I have learned that means, "laugh out loud". Many of you know my mother had a massive stroke in October. It pretty much threw us all in a tither and has been very difficult in every way. I know many of you have dealt with this type situation as well as other types of heart breaking sicknesses of your own or your loved ones...

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