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Mom loves flowers

Posted Friday, August 20, 2010, at 2:19 PM

Mom loves flowers.

It is just that plain and simple. Doesn't matter what kind, she loves them all.

During the spring and summer flower season, even though she is, umm-let me see, how old? Well, I will just say that when much younger people have long called it a day, Mom is still outside working in her flowers! In the dark!

Several times my sister, Linda and I have taken her flower shopping. I believe she looks at every individual flower and asks them if they want to go home with her, and I believe they say a big "YES!"

I have pretty good success with my indoor plants, but I can't hold a candle with Mom when it comes to outside flowers. She just plain has a way with them.

Last summer I picked her up after church one day and we went flower shopping. We didn't just stop with the nursery. No, not us! We went wild flower picking!

We had seen fields of gorgeous yellow flowers and neither of us knew what they were. I thought she would have known, but she didn't. We asked a couple people what they were and they told us the old fashioned bitter weed. But we knew better because they were in fields where cows were eating them.

Now you don't let cows eat bitter weed, at least the older people in my life didn't. For you younger generation who may not know why, it is because the bitterness gets into the momma's milk. Oo-ee. Not good.

Anyway, we stopped along the side of the road and I got out of the car and picked several for Mom. One of the stops we made was on the side of the highway and I said to Mom, "No telling what people think I'm doing out here!

Remember, my name and picture are all over my car."

But Mom didn't reallly care and it didn't stop us.

We decided to go through the country, wild flower picking. I got out in one place I can't believe I would ever have ventured. You talk about snakey!' But Mom wanted those pretty white wild flowers, and anything for Mom.


A little further down the road we came upon some pretty pink ones. They sorta made you think of roses. We weren't able to get any of those, but we sure gave it a good try.

By the time we got home, we had the back of my vehicle loaded with flowers. Nursery raised ones and God raised ones. What fun we had! That day will always stick in my memory as one of my most fun and treasured days.


Love ya Mom. Many happy flower days to you.

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My mother loved flowers,too. She died at a relatively early age (before retirement) and before I became interested in growing things. Many times I've wished we could have shared gardening experiences. When I was a child, the neighbor women all had vegetable gardens and thought Mom was strange for wasting so much time with flowers. We did have beautiful flower beds.

-- Posted by gardengirl on Sat, Aug 21, 2010, at 4:54 PM

My mother visited with me in St. Louis so we went to Shaw's Gardens to satisfy her need to see flowers. After the visit, she suggested we go back home immediately. She opened her purse and, tucked carefully inside, rested multiple cuttings! She even brought plants from California in her suitcase. All her plants lived and prospered because she had a thumb that throbbed GREEN. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.

-- Posted by geezerette on Sun, Aug 22, 2010, at 9:47 PM

You brave soul! Were you eaten up with chiggers when you got home?

Speaking of chiggers, my mother's favorite Missouri wildflower was "Chigger Weed." At least that's what I've heard it called. It grows alongside the highway and is a gorgeous red orange. My children once brought me a chigger weed from "Pebble City," a so-nicknamed gully behind our house. We transplanted it to my flower garden, and it grew quite well for the rest of the summer.

Mother also loved the wild hibiscus that grows in the ditches. I haven't had much success in transplanting it.

-- Posted by goat lady on Tue, Aug 24, 2010, at 12:32 PM

My Mom went to be with her Lord recently, so I enjoyed your blog. My Mother also loved flowers. I have tried to clean her flower beds and thin some that were getting invasive. I'd be ahead of her and look back and she'd be resetting the ones that I had dug out. She could tell us who gave her each shared plant. Thanks, Kathleen, this gave me a few minutes to reflect on the beautiful memories that I have of my precious Mom.

-- Posted by Just Lucy on Wed, Aug 25, 2010, at 10:42 AM

My Mom loved flowers too. I could never understand just what it was about flowers that she loved, watering them and picking dead leaves off. she loved her flowers. now that I am older I finally understand because I am the same way. but I like my flowers outside.I just keep planting. my neighbors all love my pretty flowers. I don't think I am as bad as your mom. I don't stop on the side of the road.. maybe I should though.

Kathleen keep writing. I would love a weekly blog from you. I know that is asking a lot but you keep writing and I will keep reading. see you soon.

-- Posted by bobbysue on Sat, Sep 4, 2010, at 8:31 AM

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