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Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2011, at 7:33 AM

As I have been thinking about this week's column, I thought of the different things I have had on my mind that will eventually wind up as a "Kathleen's Korner" column. While I was in the middle of this thought process, I went back and read all the columns I have written since the beginning.

It has been only a little over a year, but it feels like I have been talking with you for much longer. I submitted my first column, I believe in January 2010, but we didn't start adding it to the website until March 2010.

As I read each column, I vividly recalled my nervousness in starting this project. I thought, who in the world will be interested enough to read about my thoughts or opinions or the things that happen to me or the heros and heroines that have left their marks on my life. I'm no one important or high up in any class. I'm only an aging woman with lots on my mind and plenty to say. Well, really now, what do you expect from a Taurus?

You did respond. You do read this silly little column. I get e-mails from all across the United States. I even got a couple from the Philippines. Isn't that neat? Some of you are like me, in your golden years; some are young. Some of you are ladies, and some of you are gents. I must say that I am amazed how many gentlemen readers there are. You are from every walk of life and all occupations.

My prayer is that whatever your gender or age that I may say something that will lift your spirits when you may be down just a bit, or perhaps help you remember some part of your own life that was pleasant and may have been buried deep somewhere within your mind. Maybe some of you young people might be inspired by just the smallest of words from me. Or when I let you in on some of the predicaments I get myself into, you will know your are not alone in some of your own plights.

Remember, in my first column I told you that I may make you laugh with me or perhaps laugh at me; and either way is okay. I hope after more than a year, you have had some chuckles at my expense that brightened your day.

Well, actually I know you have because many of you have told me so.

Every day we hear the words, times are tough. I know I say them myself, but I also know when people stick together it makes the tough times a little easier. I thank you for sticking with me. You and your kind words give me more inspiraton than you will ever know.

Because of this column I have met and heard from so many people that I would never have become friends or pen pals with. You have graced my life; and on some of my tough days, you have given me strength and inspiration to go another mile when I may have wanted to just stop. For this I will always be grateful.

I suppose by now you realize who my heros and heroines are this week. They are you, my faithful readers of "Kathleen's Korner". You keep reading, and I will keep writing. You never know when you may show up as my hero or heroine.

Don't forget you can go to www.dailystatesman.com and click on blogs. Then click on my archives. You can read every column from the beginning.

See ya next time somewhere in a korner.

kdover28@gmail.com or 573-820-2404

Remember: "We must be strong enough to bend so we won't break."

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Another in a long line of successful blogs. I enjoy reading your work.

-- Posted by geezerette on Tue, Mar 15, 2011, at 4:52 PM

I admire you for sticking with this project, Kathleen! So many Statesman bloggers have dropped by the wayside. I miss them, and I wish we had more participation.

The first few years were so lively! Some people stayed up all night, posting funny stories and arguing with one another! I could hardly wait to wake up in the morning and see what had been written!

Names like I.B. LeTruth, Yellow Rose of Essex, the Queen of Essex, Ducky, Rusty Nail, Obediah, Mrs. Dolphin, Minnie O'Pausal.... They're all gone, perhaps chased off by the rowdies (who are now gone themselves!)

It's a far different place from what it once was.

Hang in there, and maybe one day it'll come back to life!

-- Posted by goat lady on Tue, Mar 15, 2011, at 11:37 AM

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