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Thanks, dad

Posted Monday, June 6, 2011, at 8:26 AM

I know this is not Father's day weekend, but my life is so hectic that I wanted to make certain that I honor my dad for Father's day. My dad moved to Heaven to be with Jesus in February 2008. Although I miss him so very much, and there are times I think I can't go on without him,

I wouldn't bring him back to this earth if I could. He is with Jesus and no longer suffering. His crippled legs and bruised mind are healed. I believe he is helping to make Heaven ready for his loved ones he left behind here on earth and enjoying the company of his loved ones who moved to Heaven before him. But, most important of all, he is with Jesus. The following is my dad and so much more.


Dad never made much money...but he always worked hard at whatever he worked at to make a living for Mom and us kids. For many years he laid carpet, which is a very tough job for legs that were shot to pieces during World War II. Yet he never complained. In fact, we kids never knew the intense suffering he went through until we were grown.

Dad never read us bed time stories...but he always made sure our beds were a safe haven for us at bedtime, and he was always home. We never had to go to bed worrying or wondering when or if our dad would be coming home. What a safe feeling.

Dad never jumped up and down at our achievements...but I heard him "brag" many times about his 'kids' abilities and accomplishments, no matter how small.

Dad never sent any of us to ivy league colleges...but he taught us how to live and work by example.

Dad never took us to fancy restaurants where they served gourmet food...but he made sure our kitchen table was always full of the most delectable foods and the ingredients Mom needed to cook all those wonderful home cooked meals to "die for".

Dad never bought us expensive Christmas gifts...but he always made sure we had all the apples, oranges, Christmas candy of all kinds, and his favorite, a fresh coconut. He and each of us kids took a small sip of the coconut milk before he "cracked" it for the coconut meat. Of course Dad got the biggest sip. Then the last 15 years or so of his life he created a tradition for him and Mom to treat each of us kids and our spouses to a Christmas dinner out. Most of those years it was at Fiddler's, and Pat Williams was our waitress. Dad always loved Pat.

Dad never gave his children luxury vehicles...but as each of my brothers turned 16, Dad went to the bank and signed with them to buy a car. They had to have a job, make the payments, and take care of maintenance. Some of the boys had more than one job to keep their pride and joy. Many of you will remember my brother Gary and "The Judge". Can't forget that color, orange. You boys were spoiled! Why didn't we girls get cars? Could it be because Linda sneaked Dad's car out one morning and drove it around the block? Oops. Sorry, Sis. I'm not going to tell of the night Dad let me take our little family car out and I tried to make a race car out of it. Highway 60 East has never been the same. Don't laugh. Two or three of you who read this column were with me.

There are so many more things I could say about my dad, But I will tuck them away in my heart for now and tell you about them another time.

This most precious man I call Dad is Johnny Grubbs.

Happy father's day to all wonderfuls dads.

See ya next time somewhere in a korner.

kdover28@gmail.com or 573-820-2404


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Kathleen, my dad went to heaven in Feb. 1985 and I still miss him so much and the pain sometimes gets almost unbearable but I also know he is in a much better place without all the pain and suffering he went thru several years.

The way you describe your dad fits my dad to a tee.

Thankyou very much for doing this post.

I also want to honor my father and say RIP dad. I love you very much, your presence never leaves my heart..I will always miss you..

-- Posted by kshipley on Fri, Jun 17, 2011, at 7:12 PM

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