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You're not alone!

Posted Friday, July 15, 2011, at 9:24 AM

You know how things are always happening to me. Well they still do. Some days I just don't get it.

I have told you how we have had to replace nearly every appliance in the house. In fact, as I sit here re-counting, it really was everything. Bam, Bam, one right after the other.

You know my back "blew" out on me last October just as I was preparing to open my little gift shop. That sent me to the emergency room and put me in bed for nearly two weeks. I don't do lying in bed very well at all, but, I survived with the help of my devoted family. Actually, my devoted family, with help from the doctors, kept me sedated most of the time. Ummm. Just wondering about that.

The saga continues. Last week I was getting out of the tub, and needless to say, I was trying to protect my back. As I was getting out, my hand slipped! Then, splash, I slid down the side of the tub! (I'm hearing laughter at the thought of this sight) Sooo, that is where all those black and blue marks came from. Not to mention, I think I chipped a small bone on top of my hand.

Now it seems my family is trying to get in on the antics.

Mom is sporting a really pretty new kind of eye make up. It's black and blue and goes down the side of her right eye. Almost matches her eyeshadow. She and the door facing met in the hall about four o'clock one morning.

Then, while Logan, our youngest grandson, and Collin were golfing in our back yard, Collin just had to walk into the club as Logan started to swing. Guess he wanted his eyes to match his mother-in-law's.

If that isn't enough, our air conditioner started acting up. Collin checked it out and found it was stopped up with gunk. He worked until he got it unstopped from the inside. The next day he was using the air compressor to unstop it from the outside and, guess what? You're not gonna believe this one. The nozzle on the air compressor blew off and up into the air conditioner drain pipe! Now this is a great big LOL. But, listen to this. He then tried to use something else, and it also got stuck. Sooo, we now have two items stuck.

My Collin is a very ingenuitive person. If there is a way, he will find it. Many of you know he is intrigued with magnets and has several - all sizes and shapes. Well, he attached a magnet to something and within a matter of minutes, voila, (vwala) he had those babies out.

What a man, what a man.

I must stop here and say something to my new readers from out of the country and from all over the United States. If you don't understand the reason for this type column, go into the archives and read the older ones. That will explain why I share these kinds of incidents with my readers.

From the beginning, my plan was to write a column one week about the silly things that I, or those around me, get ourselves into. This will let you know that you are not alone when some of these incidents happen in your life. Sometimes even when they aren't so funny, we can still find humor in them and lighten our loads for a while, which in turn may help us lighten someone else's burdens, if only for a while. As I said in the beginning, you might laugh at me or with me, either way is okay.

The next column would be about heros and heroines in my life as I see them. I always say, you never know when you might be the hero/heroine of the week. And that, my new friends, is what Kathleen's Korner is all about.

Welcome to all my new readers.

REMEMBER: "When you were born, you were crying; and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that at the end, you're the one smiling, and everyone around you is crying. - (author unknown)

kdover28@gmail.com or 573-820-2404

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Been reading your blogs and thinking about our friendship and good time's together. Gonna make it thro reading them all just call it catching up time. Love ya friend thanks for sharing your ponderings.

-- Posted by Bootheel Lady on Sun, Aug 21, 2011, at 11:13 AM

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