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Popcorn memories

Posted Friday, September 16, 2011, at 4:12 PM

When I'm home, if I have the time, you will find me many times just sitting

in my swing on my little brick patio below the deck that Collin made for me

many years ago. I love sitting in that swing and doing nothing but watching

my birds and clearing my mind. I don't want to talk, if you can believe that,

just sit, swing, drink coffee or tea, think and watch my birds.

One particular morning recently, I was out about 10:30 in the morning, eating

popcorn. Now, I love popcorn, but most of the time it is an evening treat and

not a morning snack. It was the microwave kind, good, but not like the old

fashion kind popped on the stove. I had over cooked it, so some of the kernels

were burned. I ate them anyway and that got my mind going back to some of

my "popcorn memories."

My first memories of popcorn are actually not of eating it, but stringing it to put

on our Christmas tree. My mind went back to when I was, oh, I don't know,

maybe five or six years old. I can't recall where we lived at that time, but I

remember Mom, my Aunt Lilly, one or two other children and myself going

along a roadside picking red berries of some sort, then going back to one of our

homes and stringing the berries with the popcorn. How pretty it looked to me.

Much prettier than the commercial strands I buy now. Or, is it just nostalgia that

makes me feel that way?

I don't really know who else in my family loves popcorn the way I do other than

Dad and my sister, Linda. When we eat popcorn, we don't just eat a few kernels

and quit. Not us. We eat a tub full and love every minute of it. Linda went to Mom

and Dad's every Friday night for popcorn when I was in Alabama. But, as with every-

thing, things and lives change. Dad is no longer here for Linda to enjoy it with him

and the microwave kind is just not the same.

Another memory, actually the burned kernel part, is one of my past pastor's wife,

Sister Seagraves. We used to have popcorn at our home many nights after church,

and again, a tub full. Well, Sister Seagraves loved the burned pieces. She picked

them out and ate them first. She loved them so much I finally started burning some

just for her. After learning how well she liked it, I tried it, and found that, actually, I

also liked it. Now, I don't want it all burned, but just a few kernels to add a distinct

taste. I don't know if she still likes it or not, but, "Sister Seagraves, come to Dexter

some time and I will burn you some popcorn."

Another memory is with some very good friends, Jan and Allen Phillips. This was many

years ago, when Brooke was very young and loved getting into my shoe closet and

wear all my shoes while they were at our home. Allen would go to Morehouse and buy

some kind of special oil. I can't remember what kind, but we loved that oil. We also loved

our popcorn nearly boiled instead of just popped.

Most of you know that my sister Linda, calls me Dida. She couldn't say sister and some-

how it came out as Dida. Well, that name has clung to me with many peple. She of

course, calls me Dida, but also, to all my nieces and nephews, I am 'Aunt Dida'. Some-

how this name got around to a lot my friends, so I am 'Dida' to them. This is the case

with Jan and Allen.

Okay, back to my popcorn story. Allen and I would put the oil in a pan and get it really

hot, then pour the popcorn in. Before it started popping, it would sit there and sizzle.

Allen and I would get our heads down by the pan and he would say, "Ummm, Dida. Just

listen. Doesn't that sound good?" It was good, everytime, and everytime he would say

those same words, and everytime it seemed like a tub full.

I probably would make a good popcorn sales person. That is how much I love it.

These are just a few of my 'popcorn stories' and of course you know there are more, but

space won't permit all of them. I'll bet each of you has your own 'popcorn stories' that

are special to you.

As usual, I hope I have sparked some long forgotten memories of you and your 'popcorn


See ya next time somewhere in a Korner.

kdover28@gmail.com or 573-820-2404

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How well we remember those times of sharing popcorn and how Brooke used to wear your shoes around the house and say, "Look Mom, they almost fit" even though they were a good 4-5" too long for her. Those were the days! Thanks for the memories, we miss you Dita!!

Jan & Allen

-- Posted by makinmusic24-7 on Mon, Sep 19, 2011, at 2:43 PM

You've made me hungry for popcorn. I remember Sister Seagraves, and I like the burned popcorn, too. We like to put cheese (velveeta cheese with a little butter melted together) on our popcorn. I do think you would make a good popcorn sales person.

-- Posted by Teena on Tue, Sep 20, 2011, at 9:54 AM

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