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Better times coming

Posted Monday, March 5, 2012, at 1:41 PM

Being confined to the house for several days recently due to the flu and bronchitis, I spent some time watching re-runs of some of the old television shows. I watched several episodes of 'I Love Lucy'. She was such a wonderful comedian, and in my opinion, one of two of the best. The other being Red Skelton. I know that most of my young readers won't know them, but I believe when that generation left us, there will never again be any like them.

I can't watch most comedians today because of the vulgarity. I'm not a prude, but I just don't know where all the morals have gone. I especially enjoyed the episode where Lucy was pretending to be chauffeur for Ricky and a friend. Ricky was getting ready to tell an off color joke on purpose just to see her squirm. Of course by this time the guys knew she was Lucy. She was trying her best to get away from them so she couldn't hear the off color joke. She did the same thing in another episode with John Wayne, when she was pretending to be his masseur and he was getting ready to tell a dirty joke. How refreshing for a lady.

Another show I simply get lost in, is the Waltons. Another day, another time. They, like us, lived during a very scary time between World War I, World War II and the Great Depression.

While they experienced the good and bad times of their day, their strong family ties and strong faith carried them through the worst of times.

I have heard people joke about John Boy being this or not being that. I personally believe that every family needs a John Boy. Even though he was just a child himself in the beginning shows, to me, his inner being is one of

the most calming and refreshing ones I have ever known, in fiction or real life.

Every sibling needs a John Boy. Someone you can share your dreams with; someone who will be there to calm your every fear; someone to be the go-between-between you and your parents. Every parent needs a John Boy whom they can trust to relay their parental rights and intentions to the other children. Someone to let the the siblings know their rules and parental guidance is in their best interest.

Every community needs a John Boy to fight and stand up for the rights of the individuals of the community. One who will help pull a community together.

Every lady needs a John Boy to be her gentleman; her protector; her leader; her lover; her best friend. The strength she needs when she feels weak. Her joy when she feels sad. The father her children will look up to and admire. One whom their sons will strive to grow up and imitate him; and the daughters to look forward to marrying "someone just like Daddy."

I could go on forever about the needs of more John Boy's in our world. With their leadership; love of family; love of God and love of community, what a difference we would see in our world.

There would be less Columbines; less Fort Hoods and less of what happened in Ohio last week. There would be fewer homeless and fatherless children crying their hearts out in the alleys and garbage dumps of the world.

There would be more joy and happiness and more people desiring the right kind of family life. The other show I got caught up in was Little House on the Prairie. Again, the strength of the father. And...oh the love between Charles and Carolyn. The kind of love that carried them through the death of a newborn child; the total destruction of crops they relied upon for their livelyhood. The kind of love that made Christmas really real, with only a stocking with some fruit and a penny in it. Or, a shawl or a lone pair of gloves. Then, some good 'fiddle playn' and a little family dance.

I know these types of families are out there, but not nearly as many as we need.

Oh yes, I know I'm caught up with make believe tv shows, but can't I dream of a world made up of more of these kinds of lives. A place where little children don't hurt for the lack of a parent, or feel the hunger pains in the pits

of their little tummies.

Well, maybe not here, not now, but somewhere in the 'sweet by and by' when all things and all people will be new and nothing but love and kindness abounds. A time and place where "the host from the wild will be lead by a child."

Yes, Kathleen, there really is a better time coming.

See ya next time, somewhere in a 'korner'.

kdover28@gmail.com - 573-820-2404 or blog with me at www.dailystatesman.com

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Grew up near Circle City,now live in N W Oklahoma. I also like the people and TV programs you spoke of. When I was growing up even people who did not go to church or the people that did were known to live pretty much by the same values and morales. Many parents still teach these things to their children in hopes it will not be lost. Hope you are feeling better, sometimes a little down time can bring us a renewed hope for the future of us all. God Bless

-- Posted by gdh1958 on Fri, Mar 9, 2012, at 10:25 PM

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