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Posted Friday, April 13, 2012, at 9:35 AM

I find it absolutely amazing as to the number of memories our mind holds. I also think it is neat how the slightest smell, sight, word or sound will bring back different memories that have escaped us, in many cases, for years. I also wonder why it is that at certain times these things will click on a certain memory.

As I was getting ready for work one morning recently, I had the television on the Sirius music station with all Elvis. Those of you who are my age, grew up with this great singer and know he could sing a love song like not many others could.

This particular morning they played "Loving You". Now, I have heard this song many times, but for whatever reason, this time it took me back to my childhood and one of the young men in my life.

Before I go any further, I have to say this. I am married to a wonderful man who has no problem with me talking about some of my young loves, nor I any of his. We call this being secure in our marriage.

Anyway, I became acquainted with this young man when I was somewhere around eight or nine years old. We sorta liked each other then, but when we moved from the country just south of the airport, to the big city of Dexter. We lost contact for about a year.

Back then we attended the country school depending on where we lived. Therefore, until the schools consolidated, we didn't have the privilege to be school chums with a lot of people.

It was a while before we got to see each other again. This happened when we moved next door to his grandmother. He had absolutely the most wonderful grandmother and she took many of my childhood secrets with her when she passed away. She was always a supporter of her grandson and me being 'boyfriend and girlfriend'.

She loved teenagers so very much and was happiest when her grandchildren with all their friends, and all the neighborhood kids were sitting with her listening to her telling us stories or jokes. She also liked to sing with us. She even jumped rope with us and she was in her eighties! She also would connive with us.

I always wanted to be a grandma just like her. Full of fun and laughter and always on our side until she knew she had to be firm with us. And trust me, she sometimes was just that.

She succeeded in making sure her grandson and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. She had a cherry tree in her back yard and the neighborhood kids loved sitting in that tree and eating those delicious cherries. We ate tons of them through the years.

Her grandson and I liked sitting in that tree together also. But we liked sitting there for reasons other than the cherries. We could sneak one of those childish kisses and no one could see us. Those were such fun and innocent days.

All was well until one day he was hunting with a friend. On that fateful morning a tragic accident happened that injured him for life. He was accidently shot through the neck which left him paralyzed.

He spent the rest of his life in and out of hospitals and confined to bed and a wheelchair. He was truly a trooper. Although he was only a child when this happened, he never placed blame nor ever complained about his lot in life. He never stopped loving life or people.

When I was down as a young person or later in my adult years, whenever I would see him he was always upbeat and laughing. He would always chide me into a better frame of mind. I'm sure there are many others that can say the same of him.

He went home to be with Jesus and his precious grandma in the spring of 1999.

My hero and heroine this week are the wonderful Sonny Barber and his loving grandma, Grandma Barber as I knew her.

Sonny, my hat is still off to you for all your encouraging words throughout my life and I will always be "Loving You".

See ya next time somewhere in a Korner.

kdover28@gmail.com - 573-820-2404

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