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Keep on singing

Posted Monday, September 17, 2012, at 11:15 AM

I have always loved music. In fact, most of my family including Mom and Dad love it. I remember listening to the radio long before we ever had a television. We listened to the Grand Ole Opry, Christian music, and even Uncle Remus.

Our grandfather lived with us most of the time, from my early childhood years until his death when I was a young adult. He also loved music but I don't believe he knew any music other than gospel. My sister Linda, and I sang to him it seems, on a daily basis. He would sit in a chair and we sat on the floor at his feet. We sang the old hymms to him that he loved so dearly. Many times, tears would stream down his cheeks. I sure miss him and those days.

Our Uncle Lloyd played the guitar and sang. He and Aunt Lily would sing in church and several times they invited me to join them. None of us were very good, but we sure loved to give it a try. As I think about it, there were several in Dad's family who have been amatuer musicians. Dad played the harmonica and could very well have been a good musician if he would have practiced more.

The ones who didn't play or sing, loved to listen to music on their radios. In fact, when my baby brother Randy was a teenager, we always knew he was on his way home because we could hear the boom, boom of his car radio from a block away. This is true. I would dare say that our steering wheels were used for drums as much as for steering our cars as our hands beat upon them in time with the music. You know--bop, bop, a doo bop, a bop bam boo. Something like that any way.

But the thing I remember most is 'when Momma sang a song'. Of course that is the title of a song that the country singer Bill Anderson wrote and recorded many years ago.

We grew up with Mom singing to us. She would get one or two of us in a chair and sing some of the old songs that were popular all those years ago when we were just little guys and gals. Some of them were the love songs popular as a result of World War II. Once we grew up and started bringing grand children into the world, she did the same for them. I can remember us children then the grandchildren, saying "Mom, (Grandma) sing us a song."

I can't remember her ever refusing to sing to us.

In later years, Mom and Dad began singing in their church. They loved to sing about their Lord and had some favorites which they sang frequently.

There are still copies of songs hand written on note paper in the piano bench at Mom's where she and I would write the words so we could remember them. The papers have yellowed and become ragged around the edges, but the songs are still as beautiful as ever.

So many of our family singers are gone now. They are singing in Heaven. This includes Dad, who I am sure has perfected the harmonica by now.

I believe that the right kind of music soothes the soul and sometimes, somehow, just makes things a little better.

Mom will be 88 the day after this column runs. I want to say a Kathleen's Korner happy birthday to her and to thank her for giving me the love of music in my soul. When, as a child, things may have been a little scary, or there was confusion, seems like it always got better when "Momma sang a song."

You probably have read far enough to know that my heroine this week is my mom; Mildred Grubbs. Happy Birthday Mom, and keep on singing.

Don't forget, you could be my hero or heroine in one of my silly little columns.

See ya next time somewhere in a korner.

kdover28@gmail.com - 573-820-2404 - www.dailystatesman .com

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I need to make a correction as Mom pointed out to me. She is only 86 today, not 88. Sorry Mom. I knew that just put it in wrong.

-- Posted by kd5475 on Mon, Sep 17, 2012, at 1:51 PM

I see nothing silly about sweet memories. Keep 'em coming!

-- Posted by TNMom2 on Mon, Sep 17, 2012, at 7:37 PM

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