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Earthen Vessels (08/15/13)

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Standing Up Against Evil and Life Chain Sunday (09/28/12)

Standing Up Against Evil and Life Chain Sunday (09/15/12) 1

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Christ the Only Way (12/30/11)

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Semo Life-Chain Sunday October 9 (Time Corrected) (10/05/11) 3

The Old Man (09/17/11)

What Would Jesus Do? Walking in the Steps of Jesus (08/02/11) 1

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Their Blood Cries Out! In Memory of the Martyrs and Others Who Have Died (05/26/11)

May 21 Judgement Day? (05/19/11) 3

Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday: Three Words That Changed the World (04/21/11) 1

Sadducees and Pharisees Still Exist But So Do Christians! (04/01/11)

Another Great Awakening Needed: (03/17/11) 6

Your Favorite Radio Stations? Programs? Brand of Radio Receiver? (03/08/11) 9

Divine Love, A Look at I Corinthians 13 (02/12/11)

Ronald Reagan, a Tribute on His 100th Birthday (02/03/11) 12

Martin Luther King Jr and the Sanctity of Life (01/14/11) 9

How to Have a Happy (Blessed) New Year (12/31/10) 2

How One Lady Got Into the Christmas Spirit (12/13/10) 7

Thanks to Our Veterans (11/10/10) 1

Stoddard County Election: My Thoughts (11/03/10) 2

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My wife Susan (Sue) and I have lived in Soddard County since September of '96. We both graduated from Bible Missionary Institute, our denomination's small four year Bible college in Rock Island, Illinois. I was born and raised in Pomona, California while my wife was raised in Monmouth, Illinois. I am an ordained minister in the Bible Missionary Church. We attend and are members of the Dexter Bible Missionary Church. I've been employed by Tyson Foods for 14 years. My wife is a CNA. I've always been conservative in my political views and have always been active in politics and the Pro-Life movement. My politics have not always been Republican. From 2003-2009 I was vice-chairman of the Prohibition National Committee, the steering arm of the Prohibition Party. In '09, I joined the Constitution Party of Missouri. But, I've been attending the GOP rallys and club meetings since last year and have been campaigning for certain Republican candidates since we moved to this area. I'm on the SEMO Life Chain Committee.