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What Ought To Be Prohibited in 2012! (Besides Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drugs)

Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012, at 4:15 PM

In the past few days, one our fine Prohibition Party supporters has been calling for Prohibitionists to "Promote Prohibition." So this blog entry is doing just that! Here is a list of things that ought to be prohibited in 2012. You will probably not hear any of the Democratic or Republican candidates running for president addressing these issues by calling for "prohibition"! So here goes!

We'll start with economic/jobs issues since that's on everybody's mind, and I don't want to start with moral or social issues.

We ought to Prohibit:

1. Deficit spending by the Federal Government. Stop borrowing/taxing and spending what we don't have! We can add the National Debt here! Erase it with the Jubilee Principle!

2. Usury. In reality, this could be called a moral issue since the Bible clearly calls usury (charging interest on loans) wrong!

3. Giving "most favored nation trade status" to countries like China that have a long history of human rights violations.

4. Allowing China to tax our goods going into their country without taxing goods coming in from their country.

5. All these anti-American Jobs "free trade" organizations. How about fair trade?

6. Jobs going outside our country.

7. Unfair labor practices by both employers and unions.

8. Government bail outs of whatever, period!

9. Corporate/Banking government welfare via tax breaks, tax credits, subsidies, etc.

10. ALL racial and religious discrimination in hiring practices.

11. Political perks and earmarks.

12. Government programs spending money on folks who can but will not work.

13. Any suggestions on getting rid of Social Security or Medicare.

14. The currect Federal Income Tax code. Eliminate the IRS and give Congress back its Constitutional responsibility to raise taxes! Then have a simple income tax of a flat percentage rate for ALL earners. Everybody pays their fair share by paying the SAME percentage rate, just like the biblical principle of tithing.

15. The Federal Reserve! Audit the Fed and then eliminate it altogether! Give Congress back their Constitutional authority to coin money and regulate commerce.

16. Foreign aid. Keep our money here at home!

17. Federal control of public education. Let each state have its own education system.

18. Dependence on foreign oil. Drill here and expand opportunities for alternative energy exploration.

19. Illegal immigration and across border drug trafficking. Bring ALL our National Guard and Coast Guard troops home so they can guard our borders and coasts and keep illegals and illegal drugs out!

20. The Patriot Act. It is an infringement on our liberties.

21. Interventionist/Nation building military involvement. We need a strong national defense ready to fight against real enemies who invade our country.

22. Abortion and Roe v Wade. I support the Personhood Amendment which declares that personhood begins at conception.

23. Special rights given to those involved in unnatural lifestyles.

24. Marriage that is not between one man and one woman. When we open the gate to gay marriage, where are we going to draw the line? What will such lead to? We need to uphold marriage as being between one man and one woman.

25. Pornography: the production and sale of it.

26. Adult entertainment businesses such as strip clubs, adult movie theaters, adult novelty and video stores, etc.

27. Legalized gambling including lotteries.

28. Commercial and industrial business and labor on Sunday. Bring back the Sunday Blue Laws! Only emergency, medical, and law enfrocement services actually need to run on Sundays! Christians need to quit eating out on Sundays, keeping people from being able to attend church!

29. Barak Obama's reelection!

There is no doubt that a candidate running for election on a platform such as this would have no prayer of winning election! But, I'm not a politician. I'm not afraid of my views being considered as out of the mainstream or even radical.

Note: In case there is a misunderstanding of a comment I made on someone's blog, I am not just a Republican; I am a Prohibitionist Republican!

Not afraid to sign my name as,

For Prohibition,

Richard D. Swift

505 Hickory Hills Dr

Dexter, MO 63841


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On item number 2. Usury. I believe we should pay to use someone else's money, but at a reasonable rate so that we can pay back in a reasonable amount of time. Not at such high rates that we will be paying forever.

-- Posted by mythought on Fri, Jan 13, 2012, at 8:16 AM

Some consider usury to be unreasonable rates of interest. A good example: payday loan outfits.

-- Posted by swift on Fri, Jan 13, 2012, at 3:21 PM

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