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Truth Always Dies

Posted Friday, April 22, 2011, at 9:31 AM

Surrounded by lies Truth was quiet
He offered no defense did not fight

For silence His life would be the cost
At the brink of greatness all was lost

All His good works, teaching and healing
Why wasn't Jesus begging and appealing

Why does He allow the religious' accusation
By those who know the law but not inspiration

What purpose is served by this laying down of life
A Passover Lamb is quiet before the sacrificial knife

Beaten and bruised, ripped and torn
Stripped naked the sheep was shorn

Hatred pummeled relentlessly His face
How did love lead to such an awful place

Unnoticed tears mingle with blood on the ground
As once again sick sounds of the scourge resound

Mingled with the laughter of Romans and Pharisees
The fate of all who dare to not do what they please

One last chance but all cry crucify
With His fate sealed Jesus would die

Why is it Jesus didn't stop the insanity
Why give His life for undeserving humanity

What went thru His mind with each step He took
At any time He desired mankind He could have forsook

How could He just lay there as the nails were driven
How great this love that made it possible to be forgiven

Today I am surround by many lies
As the weak, wounded and hurt cries

Needing more than religious words spoken
I realize that it is me that needs broken

But as I seek truth I upset the status quo
Soon from the scornful seats the criticisms flow

Never defending myself receiving the clay and spittle
Though they assume much they actually know very little

With reputation gone and respect to
Quietly I go about doing what I do

As others are busy building great ministry
I waste my time with people they can't see

Unnoticed tears mingle with prayer for the lost
Always counting it privilege never counting it cost

The spiritual elite solicit funding for their enterprise
One who perceives the love of GOD on their own cross dies

Sin is always near offering another chance
As it sways seductively in pretentious dance

Offering acceptance if only I would turn my back
On those who don't matter or in social skills lack

From the darkness comes the silent cry of a brother
Again I find myself drawn away from myself to another

Sin always loses its allure when the Cross is your goal
When the love in your heart permeates your life and soul


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Amen! And, Truth will always rise again! This poem, though simple so all of us can understand, is full of deep theology! Brother Gordon, you're not wasting your time!

-- Posted by swift on Fri, Apr 22, 2011, at 11:31 AM

Deep theology was never meant to be over our heads. Among the early disciples the only degrees were found on thermometers. Fortunately for us, the theology Jesus taught was not over their head. It only reached to their heart.

Watchmen Nee once met with colleagues he had known prior to knowing Jesus. The many years and hardships had taken a heavy toll on their former friend. He was asked this question, "Why this waste?" The world and worldly will never understand. Only disciples can understand the richness of a "wasted life".

The picture on the seed packet is perfect. But unless seeds are poured out and buried they do not grow. Truth, like love, always dies to live. How beautiful the flowers, how tasty the fruit, how plentiful the harvest when seeds are planted by the hand of GOD.


-- Posted by apureheart on Sun, Apr 24, 2011, at 7:48 AM

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I have the heart of a poet, the eye of an artist, and dress like a bum. I am no one important. No title, no position, no authority. Just a normal person. But I know Jesus. And Jesus knows me. And this relationship has changed my life and continues to change my life. I have no desire to be known but great desire for others to know Jesus. I would like to blog about Jesus, christian living, church, hurting, hope. I do not want to lead this blog but follow it wherever it leads.
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