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Modern Discipleship

Posted Sunday, March 18, 2012, at 1:53 AM

I don't know if we are ever going to get around to actually building anything. We're just wandering around aimlessly it seems. I talked to Jesus about going on tour, setting up dates at all the stadiums and coliseums. And we could charge admission and sell WW-2B-JD (we want to be Jesus' disciples) bracelets and generate income and use that to reach more people and then that would generate more income.....

"You have put a lot of thought into this, haven't you?"

"Yes, Jesus, I have."

"Let's take a walk."

We walk along the beach.

"What do you see?"

I looked at the resorts and motels stretching for miles either direction.

"Well Jesus, I see the very best lodging the world has to offer. And if we begin to make money using your talents we could stay in them everynight. I mean, I love camping and pitching tents and stuff but we've been doing that for months. If we were more comfortable we would be more effective. Uh, Jesus, are you listening?"

Jesus had bent down and was collecting sea shells. He stood up and opened his hand.

"What do you see?"

"Uh, just some sea shells."

"Did you know each one of these shells was the home of some insignificant little creature?"

Okay, I've been here before. What Jesus is trying to show / tell me should be so obvious. And once he explains it it is. But I never seem to be able to put things together like him.

Jesus sees my confused expression and continues.

"We came onto this beach and you only saw the "big picture". You focused on the important things, the big things, the things of great value. This is the way the world thinks."

"As we walked along I noticed the sea shells. Their shapes and colors. Just laying in the sand like little treasures from the "insignificant ones"."

I was slowly beginning to understand when Jesus suddenly held up his hand.

"Do you hear it?" as he listened intently.

All I heard was waves and gulls.

"Hear what, Jesus?"

"Someone is crying."

I couldn't hear it.

"Over there," as Jesus pointed to some weeds at the edge of the beach.

Just beyond the weeds we came across a frightened, sobbing young girl. She couldn't have been more than twelve years old.

"Please don't hurt me." as she cowered from us shivering. All she was wearing was a towel from one of the fine motels.

Jesus quickly got clothing from his backpack and handed them to her. His voice was so gentle. But for the first time I saw someone pulling away from Jesus. I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

"You met a stranger, yesterday." She shook her head yes.

"A very nice man who understood you."

"I was alone. I had ran away from home."

"He offered to help and protect you."

"He said I reminded him of his daughter. He was such a nice man. He asked me if I was hungry and took me to a fancy restuarant to eat. He asked where I was staying. When I told him I didn't have anywhere to live he warned me that the streets are unsafe for a young girl like me. He got me a room at a really nice motel with an indoor pool. He even bought me a cute little swimsuit. He said I looked so pretty in it." Her voice began to quiver. "Then he told me he was coming by the next morning to help me figure out what I wanted to do."

"Excuse me," Jesus spoke and turned from the girl and looked toward the ocean wiping a tear from his eye. I was stunned, shocked by what I saw next. A flash of red hot anger in Jesus' eyes. And then it was gone.

"Little one, you don't have to continue if it is too difficult for you."

"Sir, I have to tell you. I feel I must. This is more than I can bear."

Tears begin to stream down her face again.

"It was night. I was asleep. I woke up to someone ripping my clothes off. It was him. The man who understood, who cared, who promised to protect me. He was a monster now. I tried to fight. The more I fought the more he hurt me. It hurt so bad. I didn't want to hurt anymore so I stopped fighting him."

With a breaking voice she said, "But he wouldn't quit hurting me." and buried her head in her hands. Jesus took the little girl into his arms and held her close whispering peace to her tortured soul.

"When the monster was done doing what he wanted to do to me he got off me. I jumped up and ran out the door grabbing a towel on the way. He was laughing! Laughing!!!"

"You'll be back. They always come back. See you in the morning, sweetheart."

"I ran and ran until I collapsed here, hoping and praying he did not follow me."

Jesus sat beside the little girl and they began to talk. Jesus gave her his seashells and she thought they were so pretty. Soon she was smiling and laughing.

Funny, this man who can hear a silent cry seems oblivious to the voices of disciples calling out his name. I smiled. Usually I was part of the group wondering where Jesus was now what do we do.

"Little one, it is time to go back home."

"Oh sir, I can't. Not now, especially. My parents are godly people. For years I have tried to live like them but I always wind up failing. I've disappointed them over and over. I had thought if I could just get away I could find the "key" and finally be able to live like they do. Instead of finding what I was looking for my life is now more messed up than ever. They wouldn't want me. I can't go back."

"Little one, I know your parents."

"Sir, you know my parents", she asked excitedly.

"Yes, just last night they were talking to my father. They miss you. They are heartbroken. They've been trying to find you."


"Love is strongest when the need is greatest."

The little girl looks confused. Not me. I understood perfectly. For once.

"Mom and dad love you more than the bad stuff that has happened. It is time to go home."

A big, beautiful smile forms as she realizes that she can go back home.

"Hey pure, give me your cell."

"Uh pure, cell phone."

"Never mind." Jesus says as he takes it off my belt with just a hint of a smile.

I had been so caught up in all that was going on. It was like I was witnessing a miracle. Well, not really a miracle. Well, yes it was.

He gives the phone to the little girl and she makes the call.

I can hear the girl's parents crying and praising. She is going home. Jesus takes the phone and makes arrangements to meet them half-way at a restuarant in a small town.

When he is done Jesus gives me my cell phone back.

"Drive safe," he says to me.

I'm stunned. Not me. I ain't real good with children. "Lord, I think probably one of the other disciples could do this better than me."

The little girl grabs my hand. "Mister, please, please, will you drive me to my parents. You are a lot like my daddy. You're a godly man like him."

"Sure, I'll be glad to." How many years had it been since I saw my daughter much less held her hand? Never, never, never had anyone ever called me godly.

As we head to where the car is parked Jesus calls after me. "Hey pure, when you get back we can talk more about your ideas of expanding the ministry."

I laugh. I understood now. The kingdom of GOD is one person at a time where they are. I look back to say one more thing but Jesus is not paying attention to us. He had walked over to the motel towel, picked it up, and was heading to the motel. In that moment I knew this little girl would finally be totally free.


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-- Posted by swift on Tue, Mar 20, 2012, at 4:26 PM

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I have the heart of a poet, the eye of an artist, and dress like a bum. I am no one important. No title, no position, no authority. Just a normal person. But I know Jesus. And Jesus knows me. And this relationship has changed my life and continues to change my life. I have no desire to be known but great desire for others to know Jesus. I would like to blog about Jesus, christian living, church, hurting, hope. I do not want to lead this blog but follow it wherever it leads.
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