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Retreat Forward

Posted Sunday, April 8, 2012, at 5:08 PM

Life is a confusing blur of emotions and stress
How did I ever get myself into such a mess

Demands for attention and another bill to pay
Is life really better living this way

The more I get the more I seem to need
Locked in this mindset needing to be freed

And then I remember when.....

Television was ABC, CBS, and NBC
There was no satellite or cable for me

Phones were attached to cords not you
No texting or surfing just someone to talk to

Back then a laptop was where you read a book
And you didn't need Wi-Fi or "hotspots" to take a look

Somehow I survived without seat belts or a car seat
And wasn't riding in the back window fun and neat

No game systems, X-Boxs, Nintendos or Wii
Being made to stay in was punishment for me

Before there were yard sales people gave stuff away
Now for the stuff we don't want others have to pay

Your social network was people you actually know
Not endless strangers as your "friends" list grows

Remember when garages were for cars not stuff
And when one car for a family was enough

Perhaps there is a lesson that can be learned from this
As I reflect back on a simpler time that I miss

That having more does not make one richer
Any more than adding paint improves a picture

One who has much yet is unsatisfied
Their need for contentment always denied

One who has little and is content
Is living life the way it is meant

Examine your life what you are heading toward
Sometimes we need to retreat before we go forward


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Only those of us who lived that more simple time can relate to what you write here and I too miss those days. I try to live my life in much of the same manner as how I grew up and for me it's a much more fulfilling way...I love my simple life...

-- Posted by sunnydaze on Mon, Apr 9, 2012, at 2:37 PM

Yep, I love the simpler life, but it seems the complicated life is nearly forced on us. Take the TV, keep the laptop, give me the old fashioned network of real friends; but then, what happens when I "need" those things that used to be mere conveniences or symbols of "more up-to-date"?

The above poem reminds me of a song: House of Gold by Hank Williams

"People steal, they cheat and lie

For wealth and what it will buy

Don't they know on the judgement day

Gold and silver will melt away

I'd rather be in a deep, dark grave

And know that my poor soul was saved

Than to live in this world in a house of gold

And deny my God and lose my soul

What good is gold and silver, too

If your heart's not good and true

Sinner hear me when I say

Fall down upon your knees and pray

I'd rather be in a deep, dark grave

And know that my poor soul was saved

Than to live in this world in a house of gold

And deny my God and lose my soul

And deny my God and lose my soul"

-- Posted by swift on Mon, Apr 9, 2012, at 4:00 PM

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I have the heart of a poet, the eye of an artist, and dress like a bum. I am no one important. No title, no position, no authority. Just a normal person. But I know Jesus. And Jesus knows me. And this relationship has changed my life and continues to change my life. I have no desire to be known but great desire for others to know Jesus. I would like to blog about Jesus, christian living, church, hurting, hope. I do not want to lead this blog but follow it wherever it leads.
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