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Successful Failures

Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2012, at 2:27 PM

Take a wet sponge and throw it against the wall and water will splash out. Take a christian who is soaking in the Lord and throw them into a trial or difficulty what happens? Does Jesus "leak" out or flesh? A lot depends on if we are absorbing His Presence or are absorbed by the world.

One area we seldom exceed in as christians is personal failure. When we fail we often fail to avail ourselves of the grace of GOD. Condemnation, discouragement, anger (in its many disguises), hopelessness, unworthiness, etc. But what if we could be successful failures? No one would expect that.

Secret faults and hidden sin
That thing I hate done once again

I know this is not the life I should live
How many times can I ask GOD to forgive

I laid my sin down only to pick it up again
One day I will have victory but I don't know when

Grace isn't grace when it is in your control
To change or stop habits that take a toll

Demanding a price that you can never pay
In your strength you are destined to stay

But grace can do what you never could
It is not if GOD can but if you would

Naaman dipped seven times not six, five or four
Before his leprosy was healed and flesh restored

GOD is not disappointed when we confess our sin
Even when we do it again and again

With each sin confessed a seed is planted
One day our request will finally be granted

The early disciples were an awful lot like us. We would hardly consider them exceeding expectations as they walked physically with Jesus during His earthly ministry. What a bunch of misfits. How incredibily slow they were to "get it". Easily distracted. Missing the important and focusing on the meaningless. Yep, they were an awful lot like us.

But you know what? Jesus never gave up on them. And this bunch of "successful failures" eventually quit focusing on their weaknesses and strengths and began to live continously in His Presence. Truth is, they were closer to Jesus after His death than they were during His life. So once again we see the importance of the Cross.

A friend recently shared a song about giving it all to Jesus but then taking it back. One line had about being afraid Jesus wouldn't take the pain. Truth is He already has. We know the theology of grace but like my friend we tend to fear that some things GOD won't take. Honestly, how many times can you confess something and ask for forgiveness? Or strength to overcome?

Well, when does grace stop being grace and become works? When does the Blood lose its' power? When does faith that GOD can give way to I can't? If complete victory over sin was within my grasp why the Cross?

Does GOD really expect us to give everything to Him? Even the "secret" faults, shames, failure?

The only way I can do this is through Christ.

4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13

His strength is greater than my weakness. His love is greater than my self hate. His victory is greater than my defeat. In Him, in the strength of His love, I can bring all to Jesus.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe the parable of the good shepherd who leaves 99 sheep in the fold to go look for one lost sheep could also apply to an individual's life. Often the root cause of our failure or weakness is buried so deeply we don't know why we do what we hate. I've had surgeries. The surgeon told me what he was going to do and then He did at the appointed time. I don't know the details, all the whys and becauses and such. I just know now that I no longer have problems with what I once did. In the same way we are healed spiritually.

Got a problem you can't get victory over? Go to Jesus.

Living with the shame of past failure? Go to Jesus.

Struggling to help others while you are struggling? Go to Jesus.

Surrendered all to Jesus but secretly holding on to something? Go to Jesus.

It's not expected. Why not be like everyone else and learn to live with it? Exceeding the expected is never expected.


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Very well said.

-- Posted by swift on Sat, Sep 15, 2012, at 11:27 AM

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