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Lies, Lies, Lies: Welcome to the G.O.P.

Posted Saturday, July 30, 2011, at 12:32 PM

Hello everyone,

I apologize for being M.I.A. for an extended period of time. I've had a very busy summer. I found a few articles posted on-line, and thought they were worth checking out. The chart I am posting is taken from one of these articles. I hope you'll have time to check it out.

I'd be even more thrilled if our fair Congresswoman Emerson would respond to this information, but I highly doubt that will happen. Remember your (recent) history, folks. I think it is high time we stop allowing ourselves to be mislead by this politicking by the White-House hungry G.O.P.

Here are the links:




Finally, if Congresswoman Emerson is "too busy" to address the truth, perhaps some of our own in-house fiscal conservatives have an opinion.

So, ShannonHoon, LayneStaley, BonScott, (whichever of you is S.D....I knew there had to be a Republican P.R. talking head in our midst), Swift, Bearcat72, I.B. Le Truth, Geezerette, and so on....please tell me how you feel about these charts.

There is a second chart that I couldn't upload in the first link posted. Please take the time to READ all three links and think for yourself about the factual information presented!

Here's to another round of the same old tricks by the Grand Old Party!

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By the way, in case you weren't able to tell (I thought you would be able to enlarge the photo) the red bar represents the Bush administration from 2001-2008. The blue represents the Obama administration from 2009 to 2011. Again, please visit these websites and enlarge the charts to get a better understanding of what is being discussed.

-- Posted by Actually on Sat, Jul 30, 2011, at 12:31 PM

Well, Actually, welcome back! As a member of the Prohibition Party, I will say that BOTH major parties know how to decieve the American public. We have very good leaders in the Prohibition Party who nearly sound like Democrats in their daily emails. We also have anti-Democratic Party leaders in our party who sound an awful lot like Republicans.

I'm not an economist or a political expert so I really cannot comment on the pros or cons of the charts. But, I will say this: history may be about to repeat itself. In '95, the GOP controlled the House. There was a partial government shut down. Compromises were reached, and agreements were made. Bill Clinton won a second term in '06. I was not a fan of GW Bush and most certainly am not a fan of Obama.

What I want to know is why the Democratic Senate refused to even vote on the Cap, Cut, and Balance bills 1 and 2. The second was a compromise bill. Both included a proposed Balance Budget Amendment. Everybody knows that taxes will have to be raised, spending has to be decreased, and our budget needs to be balanced. Social Security, Medicare, and our national defense don't need huge cuts. They can be streamlined to save money without hurting our seniors or military. The Prohibition Party members, Don Webb and Leroy Pletten, have proposed a so called Jubilee Principle. Check my blog on that, Actually. In the mean time, I'm comparing the charts with charts from MarketWatch.com.

Richard D. Swift

-- Posted by swift on Mon, Aug 1, 2011, at 3:42 PM

Actually, JoAnn is only interested in keeping her job! That's it, pure and simple. That's why I supported Bob Parker in the primary.

Richard D. Swift

-- Posted by swift on Mon, Aug 1, 2011, at 4:10 PM


-- Posted by swift on Mon, Aug 1, 2011, at 4:16 PM

How can allowing people to keep more of the money they have earned be considered spending??????

-- Posted by Andrea64 on Wed, Aug 3, 2011, at 12:14 AM

Both republican and and democrat parties cause a lot of America's financial and health problems by backing vices such as abortion and alcohol that drain a state of its people and money. Legal abortion killed over 32,000 kids in Georgia in AD 2008. Legal alcohol in Georgia cost the state 331 lives lost to DUI in AD 2009. It cost the state of Georgia 1.6 billion dollars to pay for the deaths and chaos. 32,000 unborn children when adult and 331 people living, working, and enjoying life and the 1.6 billion dollars spent to fund businesses would make the state stronger.

If people really want to make their state and nation stronger, they should join the Prohibition Party and help it to correct the abuses of politics gone bad.

Billy Joe Parker

1143 Debord Drive

Waleska, Georgia 30183


-- Posted by Billy Joe Parker on Wed, Aug 3, 2011, at 5:46 PM

Actually, I sent the link to your blog entry to nearly everyone of my Prohibitionist friends. It became quite a discussion with emails sent back in forth! Anyway, I'm going out on a limb and am printing one such email exchange. What is articulated below is the economic theory of the Prohibition Party. My blog entry on the Jubilee Principle covers some of this:


With all due respect to you, I have to challenge your obvious misconceptions about Populism and the Scriptures. You ask some "vague" questions, but I will attempt to respond based on my understanding of your questions.

"How are Populists to be for the common people?"

Who else would they be for, MA? Populism means "for the people." It is not for the "special interests" of the liberal or socialist Democrats or for the "private interests" of the conservative or capitalist Republicans. If one genuinely understands the Constitution, they know it was initially a "populist" document, but infortunately it has been perverted or interpreted "cafeteria-style" by most who claim they are Constitutionalists including many reading this email. Do you not remember the beginning words of the Constitution which read: "We the people..."

"How does one undergird Populism with Biblical truth?"

True Populism is based on Biblical truths. True Populists know and believe in Romans 13 that government has the right and authority to stop the greedy from exploiting the workers and gouging the consumers. (Of course, Romans 13 also gives government the authority to keep Law and Order in society and to protect the helpless - such as the unborn.) True, Biblical-based and Biblical-knowledged Populists know and understand that the Principles of the Jubilee is God's perfect economic system where all people who are willing and able to work can too be prosperous - not just the rich, and the rich are not allowed to dominate the holding of wealth as they are today under the Capitalist system.

"I think what is mistaken for "capitalism" maybe is corporate capitalism ...or greedy capitalists."

As I have explained before, I do not like the words "capitalism" or "capitalist" because of their misunderstood context. I prefer "Competitive Free Enterprise" as the proper description of a proper and fair economic system, provided that government is allowed (as it should be) to stop the greedy business owner (whether it be the "Mom and Pop" or the Corporate owners) from exploiting the workers or gouging the consumers - as well as stifling competition. As I have also explained before, but even many Christians don't want to admit it - is that man - even a "saved Christian" - still has a potential to give in to the "greedy sinful nature," but we know many - if not most -businessmen- especially owners of large corporate businesses - are not Christians - at least in the manny they operate their businesses. If they were Christians, they would not operate their companies in the greedy manner they do. And until we all acknowledge this, we will never get a handle on the Truth. Unbridled capitalism, without allowing government (again, under the authority of Romans 13), to control the "greedy sinful nature" of the businessman results in a society where the wealthy eventually dominate everything and the poor have no chance for that "2nd chance in life."

"There is enough for everyone. "

Yes, you are right here. Under God's Principles of the Jubilee, there is more than enough for everyone. But in our modern economy where we use money or currency rather than bartering, we have to have a National Bank to make sure that ALL have access to capital so they can, as you write, "...produce and distribute goods or services for profit."

You also wrote; "One produces and distributes for profit without gouging his competition ...like Walmart does [and possibly others do to]. Walmart will establish a new store in an area, lower its prices to beat out all competition, to the point of putting others out of business. They can take a loss from one store while other stores keep their profits up. When it has cornered the market in one area and the competition isn't a problem any longer it can then begin to raise their prices."

Surely you mis-wrote here or I'm not reading it the way you mean it. Surely, though, you don't accept Wal-Mart's concept as Godly? Also remember, you and I can buy those cheap products at Wal-Mart because of the "slave labor wages" the Chinese and other foreign laborers are paid for producing them. Or, do you. like many Republicans, accept this as okay? I actually read in a newspaper sometime ago, where one (Republican I assume) stated, "Well, at least these people (the Chinese) have jobs." So did the slaves on the Southern Plantations.

What you, and many others, appear to misunderstand, is that under the Federal Reserve System with it private banking system, one has to have collateral to borrow capital so they can "produce and distribute goods or services for (a reasonable) profit." Only the wealthy or who or fortunate enough to have collateral, can borrow money to start a business. Is this fair? I think not! Why should I have to place my home up for collateral to borrow a million dollars to start a business? If that business fails, the tangible assets left over, (i.e., the building, equipment, etc.,) can be sold off so the bank can get its loan back. Sometimes they get more back than what they loaned. Instead, the greedy private banking system we have today, not only wants those tangible assets, but they also want my home. This is not only unfair, it is wrong, and it violates the Principles of God's Jubilee, but still most Republicans and many professing Christians deny such and claim it is fair and okay.

A National Bank, instead would loan me the money - which it can create (coin - without debt or interest) by authority of the Constitution (Article I, Section VIII, Paragraph 5), and would allow that bank (through a local government branch) to loan me the money without any collateral. All I would have to do is present a business plan (as you do today with the private bank) and if the bank officials were convinced my business idea was feasible, they would loan me the money needed - without interest - or with simple interest if at all - and the officials would know if my business venture failed, they could take the building or equipment I had purchased (and they should have the right to demand that at least 90% of my loan be invested in those tangible assets) and sell it to recoup the loan. If this failure were to happen, I would still be able to keep my home and hopefully try another business venture another day which might work.

Now I ask you, what is wrong with this economic concept? Is it too "communistic" or too "socialistic" for you who have been brainwashed into believing that only the greedy private bankers should be allowed to loan money and gouge the debtor with compounded interest? This is what most Republicans believe, and unfortunately too many profession Christians of the 3rd party arena also believe. How sad.

Your comments about "undercutting," "[h]ealthy competition," and "God will bless that" are all good points which I agree with. However, I am not so sure there is such a thing as "Christian capitalism." To me this sounds like an "oxymoron." But I do know an economic system based on God's "Principles of the Jubilee" will work and God will bless those and any nation who will follow and obey them. The United States does not today, and this is one reason why we are in the economic mess we are in. People tend to forget - including many professing patrotic Christians, that God is in control. It is His political and economic principles - not man's - whether (socialism of the Democrats or capitalism of the Republicans) - but God's - that are correct and that will work. Too bad the Republicans (and the Democrats too) have forgotten this. Equally too bad, we of the 3rd party agenda have forgotten it also.

MA, there is much more I could write, but most (if not you, yourself) have already deleted it - as they don't want to hear the Truth. So if what I have already presented does not at least start you to reassessing what you have been taught over the decades about economics, then nothing else I can write or say will change your mind.

These are my thoughts on the matter for what they are worth.

Don Webb]

And here are some points made on another email from my friend, Don Webb.

[Billy Joe:

I'm sick and tired of all the phonies. I don't care what they "mouth" or "do" to make us think they are one of us. If they don't or won't do the following (and there are other issues, but these are starters) they are phonies in my book and I will oppose them regardless of the political label - Democrat, Republican, or whatever - they may wear.

1. Do they support a National Bank which will issue only US currency, debt free and interest free?

2. Will they demand the US get out of the UN, and the UN out of the US immediately?

3. Will they demand we stop trading with China and Russia immediately?

4. Will they outlaw the shipping and outsourcing of any and all American jobs to foreign nations, and confiscate the financial assets, factories and equipment of any American company which attempts to do so?

5. Will they demand those former American factories (and jobs) which have been outsourced or shipped to foreign countries, be returned to the United States immediately, or immediately deport any citizen owning or invested in such factories who refuses to do so?

6. Will they place a minimum 25% tariff on any goods which might be imported to America and place that tariff in a special trust for patriotic American businessmen to build factories here in the United States?

7. Will they recognize that Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling accounts for 40% of the insurance premiums, health costs, law enforcement, and social programs, respectively, for Alcohol and Tobacco users and Gambling addicts, and if American citizens are too stupid to demand the outlawing of such commodities or activities, then will they assess appropriate taxes on both the producers/owners and the users and participants of, or in, such entities so the non-user taxpayers will get a break?

As I said, there are other issues also, but these are a good litmus test for a true Christian patriot. If they will not agree to these positions, they are phonies, not matter what positions they may take on other issues.]

Actually, This is how I believe! I hope you read this. you've probably already noticed, none of the folks you named in your blog entry commented except for me.

Richard D. Swift

-- Posted by swift on Mon, Aug 8, 2011, at 4:03 PM

Apparently Actually failed to read Billy Joe's comment on this blog entry, which is evidenced by reading his comment replying to Billy Joe's on a recent news story.

-- Posted by swift on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 3:56 PM

SWIFT,,,,actually is not a 'his'.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Sun, Jan 8, 2012, at 10:40 AM

Sorry, Actually! I meant her! Wow, Dexterite, do you only read my comments to pick fault/ Good grief!

-- Posted by swift on Tue, Jan 10, 2012, at 4:02 PM

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