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Posted Tuesday, August 2, 2011, at 9:12 AM

She was in the middle of her trip--closer to home than she was to where she had been. The van was comfortable and even though the day was hot outside it was cool inside. The radio was playing and she jammed to the tunes, happy to be returning home, husband and pets.

She knew that her friend, whose vehicle she was driving was busy sorting things in preparation for an estate auction. Precious things that triggered memories of laughter and tears from the forty plus years spent in the home. She thought about calling to check on her, but didn't want to intrude too much.

Speeding through the countryside, she noticed a light flashing on the dashboard--then a warning light came on. She dialed her friend who owned the van. "Hi, whatcha doing? Uh, there is a light flashing on the dash--what should I do? Umm, yes it says 'check transmission' and a yellow o/d flashes."

"Help line--how may I assist you."

"I think I need a tow truck--the check transmission light came on and fluid has poured onto the side of the road . . . how long? Close to an hour? Could you tell him to hurry--it's over a hundred outside!"

"He was really the nicest guy . . . he brought water for me and let me stay in the cool until my hubby arrived to take me on home. They said that it looks like a seal in the transmission. He was going to let it cool and work on it on Monday. It's in a safe place."

After a week the owner picked up the van. It ran great and turned out not to be the seal after all. When it was time to return to the family home to continue sorting she headed out in the van once again--after all the truck was in the shop having work done on it, the Jeep didn't have air conditioning, and the hubby was driving her car, so the van was the best option. As she and her son drove past where her friend had had the problem before she thought to herself "there but by the grace of God go I" and headed on into the next town.

They pulled into a fast food place to get lunch as they continued on their way, when she decided to have her son check for leaks . . . no drip . . . but a steady stream of fluid. She headed to the first shop she could find--a fast lube place. No shop could work it in that day. No motel would accept their cat that traveled with them. No rental cars were available. Now what?

"God, what are we supposed to do?"

They checked the fluid level. It was only down half a quart. The seal had cooled off and was holding. The shop filled the transmission, sent extra fluid, and a funnel with them as they went off in faith that they would arrive at their destination.

A little over an hour later they arrived at their destination, pulled in to the dealership and thanked God for their safety. Had it been foolish to continue the journey? Perhaps, but God provided safety for them.

Often we rant and rave over the circumstances of our lives. Things go wrong. Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean you live in a perfect world where problems never happen. It does, however, when we allow God to work brings the right people at the right time to meet our needs--and sometimes the best decision seems foolish to our logical minds.

God, we thank you for guidance, protection, and provision. Even when we think there is nowhere else to turn--you are there for us to turn to you. So be it. Amen.

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...a great story to share and reminds me of similar situations I have been through in my own past where the Lord had His protection all around me....this story has uplifted my day... :-)

-- Posted by sunnydaze on Tue, Aug 2, 2011, at 2:12 PM

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