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Posted Thursday, March 29, 2012, at 6:09 AM

She woke during the night to sounds outside her window. Trying to figure out what she was hearing she saw of strobe of white light beneath her closed eyes. Waiting for a count of five she heard the rumble of thunder. Sniffing the air, she smelled the rain.

Opening her eyes to look around her she could see raindrops splat onto the window and dance a crazy zigzag dance before losing shape and flattening into nothingness. Raindrops kept striking the window, absorbing one another, chasing each other across the glass and then falling in a long streak to the bottom of the glass where they form strange creatures before falling off in tear drops to the deck below.

She loved the gentle wind and the smell--it was fresh and hearty and sweet all at the same time. However she did not like the lightning and thunder. As light split the sky and thunder grumbled its way, she moved higher on the bed . . . and higher . . . and higher . . . until she was virtually sleeping on the pillows--well shivering on the pillows.

She snuggled closer to mom--which was a feat of its own right with dad there as well. She wiggled and squirmed until she managed to create enough space for her between them. Now she felt safe and at peace. Mom moved

"Honey, roll over, you're pushing me out of the bed." No response. She didn't want dad to move. She liked being between mom and dad during the rain. "Honey . . . oh, girl what are you doing up here . . . (yawn) um it's raining . . . could you at least let me have my pillow . . . I'm trying to . . . " Being as still as possible she waited--knowing mom would go back to sleep in a minute.

It wasn't a hard rain. The thunder had almost stopped. Yawn, maybe she could chase a few more rabbits in her dreams. Dad moved. She flopped over onto his side of the bed as he shuffled out of the room. Maybe she should follow him and see what he was up for . . . maybe he was getting her a treat.

She could hear him talking to her brother. Then she heard the unmistakable sound of leashes. "Oh boy, time to go potty. I get to go first! I'm the girl . . . come on dad, now I've got to go. Open the door." Ugh, she had forgotten it was raining. Oh well, she could dry off on the sheets cuddling with mom when she got back.

They stepped out of the house onto the porch and headed down the steps. Yuck! Water is running all over the yard. It is up almost to the top of the first step and it is moving fast. She leaped through the water looking for a place without running water. She and dad had to walk all the way around the house before they found a dry place for her to do her business.

She loved playing in the rain. Snapping at raindrops and trying to catch all the interesting things flowing in the water. They were walking in the driveway and she saw a frog sitting on a rock on the other side. She leaped for it, but her leash stopped her just short of it. She and dad investigated the ditches and discovered a stopped up drain pipe which was causing the water to pour into the yard instead of where it was supposed to go.

After walking through the mud she was glad to have the water on the grass to clean her paws. Then the leash was gone and she went running back to mom to share her adventures. "Mom, the rain is running through the yard and making it like a river bed and I saw a frog and there's no more thunder and lightning and . . . MOM listen to me. I liked the rain this morning . . . MOM!" Oh well, rainy days are good days to sleep. Move over mom.

We find ourselves shaking in fear, God, and we don't know why. We know you are with us always, but sometimes we forget that you bring things into our lives to work for good. If we will only trust you God, we have no reason to fear. With you we can relax and find the fun and enjoyable in life.

God, help us to trust you. Help us to find the beauty in the times of rain. We replenish ourselves in your love and grasp tight to the simple childlike trust in your love, provision, and guidance. So be it. Amen.

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