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Posted Friday, April 6, 2012, at 4:46 PM

Running from the fears that pursue me

I pant as fear pours from my pores

Leaping, hurdling, skirting the edges . . .

Constantly moving in hope to evade those who wish me harm

Their words assault my senses, my confidence, my being

Am I who they say I am?

Am I a person of no worth?

Am I worthy of love?

I pause . . . resting . . . listening for their disparagement

All I hear around me is the sound of my own fear

I hear silence between my gasps for breath

Slowly, ever slowly the quiet grows

Glancing from place to place I fear the accusers

While quiet slowly wraps me in loving arms

Calming in the silence a quiet voice resonates

Its strength and love flows within me

I still myself and listen

You are my child . . . I created you for love, for good

Love as I love you . . . touch others in my love

Stand with the least . . . stand with the lost . . . stand with all

Embody my love . . . embody my grace . . . embody my heart

Peace filled my soul

Fear faded

I turned and faced the accusers . . .

And loved them

Oh God, love is a choice? Not just an emotion? My heart is filled with doubt that I am up to the task. On this Good Friday help me make the choice to love. I know Easter . . . resurrection is coming. I am so ready to be done with sorrow and turn to your joy. I am so ready for Easter. Help me center myself in love . . . and you. So be it. Amen.

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From My Heart to Yours
Rayla Stewart Hogue
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Rayla Stewart Hogue is a native of Dexter. She is a wife, mother, and minister of the UCC (United Church of Christ). She seeks to recognize and embrace the unending hues of God's ethne and religion, and commits herself to living and expressing this inclusive diversity through Sacrament and the spoken, written, and sung Word of God.
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