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Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017
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I Sift and Strain, I Squeeze and Drain, and It's Not Cooking!!!!!
Posted Sunday, December 4, at 3:59 PM
When faced with all of the "noise" within, and surrounding the political discourse emanating from our Nation's Capitol in the present day, I must admit to treating same with all of the detachment of a chef, challenged as he may be by disarray in his kitchen!!...

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Prairie Winds, Just Blow Me Away.....
Posted Saturday, November 19, at 9:29 PM

Prairie Winds Just Blow Me Away, Far to The West....... After bringing a warming trend for a couple of days, after sending me running to my antihistamine supplies for relief, and after blowing twenty-plus miles per hour out of the south, today started off on the same foot...

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Walk Carefully in that Gravel Road!!
Posted Thursday, November 17, at 2:05 AM

There were many days, there were many ways, in which I knew I'd seen a group of specimens, shortly after a rain, simply walking down a gravel road in Stoddard County, I'm looking at gravel that has been "mined" from the ridge, and graded onto the roads that we have always known.......

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If you're not High-Ballin', You're not Callin"
Posted Tuesday, November 15, at 12:46 AM

Just too much time talking about duck hunting, yet, my friend down on the Marais de Cygnes reserve in east central Kansas, has made limited out hunts for several days now, his tail-gate photos with Zeke, his pointing Labrador, machine of a dog, give me no doubt of the collective prowess!! The latest issue was five green-heads and one red-head drake!!! A red-head!!! I have arrived in this modern age, in rememberance of a time when there were no red-heads, there were no canvas-backs, and taking a wood duck would result in a fine of $150 or better!!! Our collective efforts, in improving our waterfowl habitats both up north and our feeding habitat in our Mississippi Flyways areas, have brought us to this time, we have birds to harvest, we have habitat to enjoy, and will continue to love our outdoors in the autumn, whether we are calling a "high ball", or a clucking feed call on our blind, we'll always love our time "in the blind"!!!!!Stay Warm, Be Well, and Get Some Birds!!!Thanksgiving is just a shout ahead!!!just kicking a subject, loving the time, watching my birds, and being with the time...molater, kkr. ...

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From Belmont to Bagdad
Posted Friday, November 11, at 10:08 PM

For many years I have held the service of my great-grandfather, Pierre Ernest Alcide Roussel-Dupre, during our Civil War, under the command of General McClernand and General Grant in something approaching familial awe. In November of 1861, he rode into action with an Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, under McClernand, at Belmont, Missouri, just a "few" miles east, over in Mississippi County, Missouri. ...

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Retired....What's That!!??
Posted Thursday, November 3, at 7:22 PM

When I thought about "retiring", I thought about the word "retire", and said to my self, "Self", just put on new tires and keep on driving. Driving on down the roads, those which now may be chosen, instead of having those routes chosen by fate, life, and other requirements...

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Graduated Dexter High, Class of 1965, grew up in southeast Missouri, born in Cape, lived in Bernie through sophomore year of school, acquired a taste for BBQ, skiing on the lake, and living in the real world, and have grown to love my corner of the world. Attended SEMO State, participated in caving, conservation activities, while studying agriculture and political science at Cape State......married twice, three grandchildren, and retired after 20+ years in Quality Assurance in aerospace electronics, tactical weapons quality systems, and national security electronics systems, weapons, surveillance, satellite systems and correlated products. Hobbies include, caving, archaeology, paleontology, birding, water skiing, squirrel hunting, duck calling, and general raising of consciousness, politically, Goldwater Republican/moderate, spiritually centered, and liable to tweak a few ears at one time or another, further deponent saith not!!! I choose to blog on such subjects as current media, current events, times we've seen, places we've been, and why we are the way we are now.....
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