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Prairie Winds, Just Blow Me Away.....

Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011, at 9:29 PM

Prairie Winds Just Blow Me Away, Far to The West.......

After bringing a warming trend for a couple of days, after sending me running to my antihistamine supplies for relief, and after blowing twenty-plus miles per hour out of the south, today started off on the same foot.

Not for long, flatlanders, this afternoon that "prairie hawk" turned out of the north and has proceeded to sink the mercury by a dozen or more degrees since sundown, and I'm still eating the "schnozz" meds, and praying for a good killing frost!!!!

However, there is relief in view, there are warmer climes awaiting, for I shall take wings, away from "this" hawk, and shall sojourn among the Harris hawks, and the denizens of my old Sonoran haunts, anon, for the plane leaves Monday afternoon and I shall land among the buttes of old, and shall gaze upon the Four Peaks for the week. Hello, Arizona!

Thanksgiving has become a time of stock-taking, of renewing old friendships in the Valley, and of taking advantage of the climate to dry out my Midwestern-misery-locked upper respiratory system for at least a week or two!!!

I'll go out to visit my brother and his expansive brood, visit with cousins, in-laws, "outlaws", and my rockhound buddy and his better half, and this is all done in the name of holiday cheer, and much to the relief of my schnozz and its' accompanying content!!!!

I shall remark upon the weather back here while I'm basking among the tangelo tree and the sweet orange in the Tempe backyard at Gary and Nancy's place, and will try my best not to be too excited about leaving that idyll and returning in time to begin the Christmas season here in Kansas City, but I'll do my best, since that "killing" frost just might happen while I'm away, so that my pharmaceutical intake may decline into nothingness for the forseeable future, at least until the rains of spring!!!!!

Be Well, in the Bootheel, Root for the Bearcats, Pray for our folks abroad, and everyone have a safe Thanksgiving!! Molater, kkr.

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Have a safe trip, kkr! We'll hold down the fort while you're gone!

-- Posted by goat lady on Mon, Nov 21, 2011, at 5:33 AM

KK, tell our cousin's hi and hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. Cuz. M. A.

-- Posted by mahart on Wed, Nov 23, 2011, at 6:53 PM

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