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Sex and Politics; better than the Farmer's Almanac
Posted Tuesday, November 15, at 1:12 PM
The higher you are in the polls, the more likely that something from your past is going to surface that will throw some doubt as to one's character. The intensity of the attacks on candidates seems to be in direct correlation to the number of months left until Election Day. ...

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Tailgating Could Increase Voter Turnout
Posted Tuesday, November 8, at 2:20 PM

It never ceases to amaze me that those relatively few individuals, who actually show up to vote, especially in Presidential elections, decide most outcomes. I was reading in some periodical the other day of how only 70 percent of those eligible to vote, are actually registered to vote and of those less than 50 percent actually perform their civic duty and cast a ballot. ...

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How to choose the next President!
Posted Friday, November 4, at 10:31 AM

Alrighty Folks! We are now approaching the time of the year where our political affiliations, or lack there of, will be battered and tested from the far right to far left and everything in between so many times that we will be begging for the United Kingdom to take us back under their wing! But then again, in the condition that we have been in over the last few years, who'd want us! So with this in mind we, the good old citizens of the United States must really give some thought about those we entrust with our greatest form of power, our vote. ...

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Derek Stanton writes and daydreams for the pure joy of transposing his thoughts to the written word. Mr. Stanton holds an MBA degree and enjoys spending time near his home in South Florida when not with his family in the heartland of Missouri. A bottle of The Glenlivet Scotch, a good cigar and his loyal hound “Skippy” have been the muse that allows Derek to write about the world from a slightly different perspective.
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