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Name the most interesting thing that floated past your house this week?

Posted Wednesday, March 19, 2008, at 3:43 PM

Once again, I apologize for the hiatus. To say things have been busy would be a gross understatement though.

This weather has just blown me away, not to mention the load of material it gives me for my job.

Since the last week of January, we've had 2 confirmed tornadoes touch down within 15 miles (and several more within about 40), a major ice storm, a minor ice storm that couldn't have had worse timing if it had been intentional, a mild snowstorm and now the 'Flood of 2008.'

Prior to yesterday afternoon I had it in my mind that a full inch or two was a LOT of rain. Since then my mind has changed. With estimates ranging from 2" to our south and as much as 13" of rainfall to our north I have gained a new respect for Mother Nature.

I'm young and obviously I haven't seen it all, but I've never seen this many significant weather events one after another hit the same small corner of the state.

Since I share my stories in the paper every day I thought maybe some of you would share your more interesting (or amusing) storm-related stories from this year or any others for that matter.

One of my favorites involves my mother. We used to live in the hills off of AB Hwy. out north east of Bloomfield and every day it would snow or ice getting out was an interesting experience.

I remember one morning in particular when my father, as most of us men do, was convinced we could still get out and go to work/school.

As we rounded that first corner our old 1985 Ford pickup partially slid into the ditch beside the road. About half of the truck was still on the road.

Mom, furious because she had told dad we needed to stay home, gets out of the truck and storms off up the hill to go home.

Well, she made it about 10 steps up the hill before she slipped. She slid upside down and on her back all of the way under the truck, gaining speed the whole way, and then all of the way down the hill. She had to be sliding at 35 mph or more.

At the bottom of the hill was another curve that she was clearly going to miss. As she reached the bottom she hit the embankment and was sent into a somersault that would have impressed the Olympic Gymnastics team.

Fortunately, the only thing she broke in the accident was her pride.

It was scary for a minute, but once we realized she was ok we appreciated just how funny it was.

How about you?

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Well Corey, I must say you've been missed.

Now as far as the funniest story...well...that would have to be when I was younger.

We had went to Rolla to visit my mom. There was an overnight snow/ice storm. We left, and stopped about 30 miles away in a little town named Salem. We pulled through McDonald's drive-thru, and got about half way through, and dad's big old Chevy van starting sliding backwards. Instead of giving it gas or turning the wheel, he just let it go. We slid backwards into a ditch that was about 6 inches deep. He had us kids get out and put everything we could possibly find under those tires to get them to grab traction. Now usually my dad is an intelligent man, but that day he was determined that if he could get out of that ditch, he could climb the hill to the drive-thru and order and be done with it. We tried kitty litter, gravel, dirt, sticks, etc. Nothing worked. He finally had to break down and call AAA...and they pulled us out. It doesn't seem to be too comical in words...but being there was the funniest thing ever!

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Wed, Mar 19, 2008, at 6:52 PM
Corey Noles' response:
Corey, this is Madeline. I don't know if this counts as "funny...": It wasn't at the time, but, since this is my day off, I had a dr app't in Cape at 8:55 this morning -- I thought, "I'll cancel," but my fellow goat friend Emma called and told me that Highway 25 was open all the way -- so I made a snap judgment and kept the app't. Sure enough, the highway was open, even through Delta, even though the flood waters were lapping right up to the edge of the highway. I kept thinking, "This is stupid! I should turn around & go home" - but I didn't.

Well, when I tried to come home after the appointment, I discovered that water was over the road at Dutchtown. Okay, I'll go through Benton, I thought... Called my son at Kelso, only to find out that the road to Benton was closed... I knew the road from Oran to Advance would be closed, so I headed for Sikeston, only to hear that Highway 25 between Aquilla and 00 was closed...

The upshot of it was -- There was no way to get in or out of Advance! That town was cut off from the rest of the world!! I sat at a gas station in Sikeston and tried to decide which floodwater would go down first. I figured that Dutchtown was probably doomed.....so I headed for Dexter to go up 25 to 91 and then hit the back roads to Tillman.

Decided take a photo of the water over the road first....and that's when I discovered the water had gone down and the way was clear to Advance.

I got home at four o'clock from an 8:55 a.m. appointment...and I used up a half tank of gas circling around Southeast Missouri.

Back in 1964, when I was teaching at Bell City, I remember flooding like this, cutting off travel between Delta and B.C., but it was never over Highway 25.

You took some good water rescue pictures this week, Corey!

-- Posted by goat lady on Sat, Mar 22, 2008, at 7:58 AM
Corey Noles' response:
Thank you, GL. That was really amazing to watch happen.


I have a similiar story about living out there off AB since we were neighbors I know exactly which hill and curve you are talking about! The big ice storm back in (was it 91 or 92?) yeah I was out of school for 1 day after all the rest of the kids went back so I begged Mom to take me so we did, knowing if we try the "big" hill on the other side it would be so much worse we went the small curvy hill, same one you were talking about, well lets just say we hit the telephone pole, luckily not even a dent in the truck, but we walked back up the hill with Mom hollering and a cussing the whole way telling me I was staying home until the bus could come get me! Needless to say I was out a week after the rest of the kids went back!! But it was beautiful out there, I still go out there every year on mother's day to visit my moms grave, being that she was buried on the property out there. (thats the only time I can bring myself out there, I clean up the gravesite and plant flowers or a tree or whatever) I sure do miss it out there!!

-- Posted by 2megirl on Wed, Mar 26, 2008, at 12:56 PM
Corey Noles' response:
So do I. Since our old housed burned in 1998 I haven't spent much time out there. I sure had a lot of good times growing up on that hill.

Wonderful stories. As an obviously older person than Corey, I have seen several times of flooding. An remember back in the early 70's when on the east side of Bernie we used a jonboat to get between my aunt's house and our grandparents because the water was about 3 feet deep. Ice storms in the winter of 78-79, snow that drifted 5 feet in the winter or 84-85. That's the beauty of southeast Missouri, if you don't like the weather today, hang out... in a couple days something different will come along. I no longer live in SEMO, but it will always be home. My three grown daughters still live in the Poplar Bluff area and my parents still live in Bernie. I love keeping up with home folk reading the papers online and the blogs. Thanks for the memories!

-- Posted by SKDellinger on Tue, Apr 1, 2008, at 11:00 AM

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