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A new twist on hate crimes?

Posted Thursday, February 4, 2010, at 6:38 PM

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I haven't seen much that reached out and grabbed me lately. Until today at least.

Given the recent issue dealing with hate crimes here in Stoddard County, I think this story I found on Fox tonight raises an interesting question.

We always think of hate crimes as being towards homosexuals, blacks or even the sexes, but this story is a little different. Here a large wooden cross is placed at a pagan worship area. The reason they are investigating whether this is a hate crime is because the worship group that meets there feels it is similar to placing a pentagram in a chapel or church.

While I must say I don't agree with their beliefs, I do agree with his point. The fact is, regardless of which direction it is aimed, it is still a hate crime. Just like discrimination can go both ways, so can this.

I know this is a touchy subject that could get some people bent out of shape, so please participate and offer your two cents and be respectful of one another's thoughts.

So, that being said, what do you think?

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Wow, cheers and mythought...how nice of you two to say those things...you have just made my day...seriously.

And thank you for your prayers and please don't stop.Things are not looking good here at work...not many jobs coming in and although our hours have been cut, we are still having problems making payroll...on the other hand, if I do get laid off, what better time for me to get back home to stay....always have to find the positive side, ya' know..

Again, thank you both, I really needed to read your comments...Bless you!!!

Oh, and btw, who knows..we MAY be related..!!! Bobby has my full name and email and I give him permission to share with you two...and I gave my full name in a comment way back when Marilyn Taylor Williams passed away in response to someone who was being very rude and said Bearcat'72 and I were gutless since we didn't use our real names...we both fully disclosed at the time, but the accuser did not, sooo..anyway, I have no problem with Bobby or Corey sharing my info to certain folks like you.

-- Posted by BarbaraNTexas on Mon, Feb 8, 2010, at 11:57 AM

I agree with you Barbara, sometimes I think we may be related by the way we think alike in a lot of things. I just have trouble putting my thoughts down in print.

-- Posted by mythought on Mon, Feb 8, 2010, at 10:23 AM

Good Morning Barbara - You make perfect sense to me - but then, I agree with you, lol! Hope all is well with you in Texas. You are still on my prayer list (your request a few weeks back). Have a great week.

-- Posted by cheers4dhs on Mon, Feb 8, 2010, at 9:18 AM

Cheers, I tend to agree with you on this particular case. Although this incident could and probably will be considered a hate crime, the old saying about "just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD" comes to mind. This is the point I was talking about earlier to an extent. Our society has become one that is so worried about being politically correct that I feel we have lost sight of the bigger issue. Bear with me and I will try not to go off chasing rabbits. In trying to 'fix' one problem we have created another. We are quick to call out 'hate crime' or 'discrimination', when someone does or says anything against us or our beliefs. Now when those actions are violent in nature and cause destruction of property or persons, etc., yes..call it out and prosecute. But when it is something as this particular story indicates, why not be 'the bigger man' and just remove the cross and let it slide? Rather, they are making a big deal out of it and chances are it will snowball. As a Christian, that is exactly what I would have done along with saying a few prayers for the individuals who did the deed. If these guys or gals who put the cross there, they were NOT walking as Jesus walked and were wrong to do it, and as result, a very poor reflection on Christians. There are way too many of this kind of Christian out in the world today and cause more problems than solutions. Bottom line is that we should not allow ourselves to be baited into conflict such as this in the first place...you know, the old 'turn the other cheek' thing. Hope this made some kind of sense...it IS MONDAY MORNING, after all !!!

-- Posted by BarbaraNTexas on Mon, Feb 8, 2010, at 8:04 AM

hmm, after viewing the photo I would challenge the assertion that this is a hate crime. It is a wooden cross positioned at the site of the pagan cirle, but no destruction of property is noted, no threating message....The act reflects poorly on Christians but that does not make it a criminal act....I agree with mythought that we should show Christ's love in our words, thoughts and deeds and that is a better testimony for Jesus.

-- Posted by cheers4dhs on Sat, Feb 6, 2010, at 2:21 PM

Well, Corey, there's the rub, eh? However, as a Christian, we learn that we will be hated, just as Jesus was for His beliefs and how He lived. We are to pattern our lives and actions after Him, so it would follow that we, too will be hated for doing so. The Bible also teaches us not to walk in fear, but in the confidence of our faith. At the end of the day, if I am being hated by non-believers, well, that just means I'm doing my job, but that does NOT mean I will stop witnessing or ministering or helping people I see in need. And no, I don't ask up front if that person in need is a Christian before I proceed. In fact, helping non-believers is really what it is all about, so that by example we can lead them to make the right choice in their lives. What we have to do is learn to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

-- Posted by BarbaraNTexas on Sat, Feb 6, 2010, at 10:04 AM

Corey, I totally agree with mythought. It never ceases to amaze me when I read about or see these things happening. There is an old adage about how we fear what we don't understand. That fear can turn into hate if not handled correctly and then from that hate, these crimes are committed. We had a very violent and ugly incident happen down here in Abilene last week that is still topping the headlines. Now the flip side of this coin, is we as a society have come to the point that we cannot say or do anything without being labeled as racist or a bigot or whatever. We have become so intent on being politically correct that we have lost our right to free speech. We can't call a spade a spade without offending someone and risking that someone to yell 'hate crime'. The answer, in my humble opinion is to get back to the basics of self-discipline, respect and responsibility, with some common sense thrown in, but these values are going by the wayside and 1984 is rearing it's ugly head.

-- Posted by BarbaraNTexas on Fri, Feb 5, 2010, at 8:12 AM
Corey Noles' response:
That's a very good point! This very problem has created the notion that we can't say anything to or about anyone. It leaves people basically afraid to disagree out of fear of persecution in one form or another.

The question is, where is that happy medium.

In relation to Christianity, as the story we're discussing is, reaching out to others and sharing your faith is a vital part of the religion. Should anyone reaching out to other groups with good intentions fear being accused of something like this?

Life is too fleeting to be disrespectful of others unless they pose a physical, mental or otherwise threat to humanity. Why, why can't we get along with each other instead of having the feeling we are always right and to h*** with your position.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Fri, Feb 5, 2010, at 7:24 AM

I don't agree with their beliefs either, but you have a better chance of leading them to Christ with love and kindness.

-- Posted by mythought on Fri, Feb 5, 2010, at 6:50 AM
Corey Noles' response:
That's exactly right. Tossing a cross in their lawn is a far stretch from witnessing to them. The hate crime laws are in place to deal with things like intimidation, which I think this could be seen as. I don't think there was any violence intended from it, but it does send a message.

Thanks for joining in!

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