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Palin Mania wearing thin?

Posted Sunday, September 28, 2008, at 8:31 AM

A smiling Sarah Palin greets air travelers in the sky over Ohio.
Since the hummingbirds are getting as scarce as hen's teeth in this cooler weather, I guess we'll have to talk about other, less pleasant topics for awhile...

Some of you may have seen the lastest wild Palin picture: a corn field carved up with a portrait of the Republican V.P. candidate. Amazing! We've all seen aerial photos of the mysterious crop circles in South America, but I haven't heard any claim that the Palin portrait was created by aliens...unless, of course, E.T. is a Republican...

My new U.S. News & World Report came out with a "Whispers Poll," which asked the question "What about the Republican running mate's public or personal life intrigues you the most?" The results were:

40% - Juggling motherhood with politics

36% - Taking on the good-old-boy network

9% - Her hunting and fishing exploits

9% - Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglass frames

6% - Her snowmobile champ husband

I have to admit that, being from a farming background, my first thought upon seeing the above photo was, "How much corn did they lose in this project?"

Palin will have a chance to show her stuff Thursday night, Oct. 2, as the Vice-Presidential debates take off at (I assume) 8 p.m. (since the announced time is 9 p.m., and the public news agencies never announce anything for Central Standard Time...)

I'm sure a bunch of you watched Friday's night's face-off at the University of Mississippi. It was moderated by Jim Lehrer, host of "The NewsHour" on PBS. What did you think? From what I've heard, the results are mixed. I didn't get to watch...so all my information is second-hand, and that's no good...

On Oct. 7 there will be a Town hall debate moderated by NBC's Tom Brokaw at Belmont University in Nashville.

The last debate is scheduled for Oct. 15: Debate on domestic and economic policy held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. Moderator is Bob Schieffer of CBS.

Now's the time for us to hear the candidate's ideas and policies first-hand. Whether we can believe any of it is another matter entirely...

From the gloriously sunny, cool hills of rural Tillman, Missouri, this is your politically paranoid pundit, Madeline, signing off for a picture-perfect fall Missouri morning!

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With the price of corn, I'm amazed that anyone would mow it down, unless they do it with a combine, and I can't see that such an implement would be accurate. Look at the detail!

-- Posted by goat lady on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 9:20 AM

MD, I must say, the thing that aggravates me the most about the poll you posted the results for is this:

The number one thing that intrigues people is how she juggles motherhood with politics. How sexist is that???

Oh I'm sure that'll get some blood boiling on here...but c'mon! I understand the importance of motherhood...but how is she honestly any different than any male politician on the face of this earth? Did our 1st female Supreme Court Justice catch this same stuff? I was either not here yet, or too young to remember that.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 11:55 AM

And what's the big deal with the stupid glasses, for Pete's sake?? Who cares about her glasses? Looks to me as if the entire poll trivializes her. If I were Palin, I'd be insulted!

-- Posted by goat lady on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 5:52 PM

But honestly, GL...I think it's just this sort of thing that drives her! Good for her to turn scrutiny into drive!

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 9:56 PM

Agreeing with you all....When have you EVER heard Hillary Clinton asked how she juggles her professional life with being a mother to that butt ugly daughter of hers? You haven't and you won't.

-- Posted by shannonhoon on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 10:16 PM

Loved the comment on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update when they described the maze saying you enter the maze and before you know it you're in over your head.

-- Posted by no tea for me on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 12:57 PM

dhs73, I think I liked the one about Palin asking to use a lifeline better. I support her 100%...I think she has the "pair" we need her to have to help McCain get things done. A few months ago, I was completely clueless when asked the question, "if voting were today, who would you vote for?" (before Clinton lost the nomination)...but now I see things much more clearly...and it's not because Palin is female, nor is it only because McCain is a war hero...they just make sense. And they definetely make more sense than Obama and his puppy dog VP.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 3:25 PM

Oh, come on, Biden a puppy dog? That's stretching it a bit, dolphin.

Hoon should be happy. You and I are finally parting ways. He always did say we were boring because we agreed with each other, didn't he?

-- Posted by goat lady on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 5:31 PM

Part of a letter that I signed to Sarah Palin, written by Cecile Richards of PLanned Parenthood.

To view more issues about womens healthcare go to


This is a website solely dedicated to womens healthcare and does not make opinions on war, natural conservation, overseas employment, etc. Although I wish it did.

You are not our candidate because you required women in Wasilla to pay for their own medical examinations after being raped.

You are not our candidate because you've cut funding for teen moms, and for comprehensive sex education.

You are not our candidate because as vice president -- a heartbeat away from the presidency -- you would jeopardize health care for women everywhere.

-- Posted by jaymeeyh on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 7:27 PM

GL, what I meant by puppy dog was, I'm sure Biden had a brain of his own before his link-up with Obama, but now most of the stuff he says mimics Obama so closely, it's like he's following him around "like a puppy dog."

I have yet to figure out which way you're pushing for, and I'm not saying McCain is the PERFECT choice, or that I agree 100% with his way of the world, but I doubt we disagree very much even on this subject. Though a little disagreement doesn't hurt anyone. I kinda like being boring and agreeing with you on most things...because it irks HOON.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 7:55 PM

Biden still has a "brain of his own," dolphin. That's just political rhetoric. It doesn't mean anything.

You can't figure out which way I'm pushing for, because I haven't even decided myself. Rock and a hard place... (Shhh...whisper, so we don't wake hoon up!!!)

Jayme - interesting site. I'd never heard the phrase "stealth candidate," but it really hit a nerve - a candidate who feels strongly on an issue, but they don't want the electorate to know, so they can slip into office undetected. Then, BAM!!! All sorts of conseqences!

Surely, the Hillary supporters realize that they should research the issues carefully before they switch their allegiance over to another woman.

-- Posted by goat lady on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 8:38 PM

I'll believe Biden has a brain of his own when I see the vice presidential debate, lol.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 9:12 PM

MD, Palin Mania hasn't worn thin. The tactic of limiting the media's access to her has proven to be a brilliant strategy to keep the media lusting for more. Of course, the rubber will meet the road during this Thursday's "debate." The Democratic/Progressive radio programs are warning Obama's supporters to be prepared for Palin to kick Bidden's behind. Probably just reverse psychology. If it is a draw then the Demos will feel better than if they had high expectations.

Like her or not, Palin is now considered to possibly be the most recognized woman on Earth, and she is already having an influence on world affairs. Her meeting with Pakistan's President Zardari in New York last week has empowered Pakistani women, and Pakistani religious leaders are so displeased that an Islamic prayer leader in Islamabad has issued a fatwa against Zardari. See, http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/sto...

jaymeeyh, you picked the wrong issues to use as reasons to reject Sarah Palin.

In regards to rape victims in Wasilla paying for their forensic examination (rape kit), it is nothing more than an example of an unsubstantiated Internet smear. Testimony in the Alaska Legislature established that there is no evidence that a single rape victim in the entire state of Alaska has ever paid for her rape examination. See, e.g., http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ODA... Furthermore, there are records from the City of Wasilla that the city paid for rape examinations while Palin was mayor. (What a novel idea! Rely on actual records to find out what the truth is!?!) Thus the truth is exactly the opposite of the Internet rumors smearing Palin.

The claim that Palin cut funding for teen moms is equally a lie. The irony is it is so easy to debunk these vicious smears. The organization involved is Covenant House Alaska in Anchorage. After the rumor began circulating that Palin cut the CHA's budget, the Executive Director immediately sent out a Press Release that the rumor was not true. In fact, the Executive Direcotr states, "We are grateful for the support we have received from Governor Sarah Palin." The truth is Palin TRIPLED the State of Alaska's grants to CHA from 1.3 million in 2007 to $3.9 million in 2008. See the story in the Tucson Citizen, http://www.tucsoncitizen.com/daily/opini... The CHA's Press Release follows in its entirety:


September 4, 2008

Contact: Deirdre A. Cronin

Executive Director


Covenant House Alaska is a multi-service agency serving homeless and runaway youth, including teen mothers. The majority of the agency's annual operating budget is privately raised, with no more than 10 to 15 percent of funds coming from state grants in any given year. We are grateful for the support we have received from Governor Sarah Palin, the Alaska legislature and our Congressional delegation over the years.

Despite some press reports to the contrary, our operating budget was not reduced. Our $3.9 million appropriation is directed toward a multi-year capital project and it is our understanding that the state simply opted to phase in its support for this project over several years, rather than all at once in the current budget year."

Covenant House Alaska is Alaska's largest private non-profit adolescent care agency serving homeless, runaway and at--risk youth between the ages of 13 and 21. With particular expertise in helping some of the most hopeless teens grow into independent, successful and productive adults.

-END See, http://wthrockmorton.com/2008/09/04/our-... Thus the truth is exactly the opposite of the Internet rumors smearing Palin.

If you hate Palin just admit its because she has a hunky husband that races snowmobiles, or that she has five kids and can walk, chew gum and text on her blackberry at the same time, or .... (fill in the blank). The irony of the people leading the smearing of Palin is they are the same people who decry the smearing of Obama. I guess they figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

If Palin had more middle of the road views on abortion, firearms and global warming, and she had a D behind her name and Obama had picked her as his VP pick, the Demos would be screaming with joy and proclaiming her innumerable virtues in TV ads, blogs, etc. Hypocrisy is a stock in trade of both the Demos and Repubs.

I say tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Or as the great journalist George Seldes said, "Tell the truth and run!"

-- Posted by FJGuy on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 9:55 PM

Fijiboy: Good stuff. Lots of interesting tidbits right there. Funny how the press has 30 "gotcha" moments on Biden, but are waiting to pounce on Palin for 1 or 2 or 3! Even using idiots from Saturday night Live as gaffes!

The bias of the media is so out of control it is sick.

-- Posted by shannonhoon on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 11:40 AM

Oh, boy, this is a RED LETTER DAY! Mark it on the calendar, folks! HOON and FJGUY on the same page without tearing each others' throats out!!

Now we're all buddies, are we? Disagreements of the past forgotten in our big PALIN LOVE FEST!

Amazing how guys'll go ga-ga over a pair of good gams!


-- Posted by goat lady on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 2:52 PM

So you do admit that she at least has good gams. At least one of the candidates is deserving of a compliment.

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 7:53 PM

GL, Guys have to stick together on the important stuff like scrumpdillyishusly good GAMS!! Pakistan's President Zardari is even with us on that one!

-- Posted by FJGuy on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 8:07 PM

Yes, and she can see Dexter while flying from Arizona to St Louis University this week!!!!

-- Posted by changedname on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 8:16 PM


-- Posted by goat lady on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 9:15 PM

No GL, we are just men. Sons of a very caring and proud mother. Don't you love us?

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 10:22 PM

Well, too bad that her legs can't help her in the television interviews (unless they help her run away)... Eventually, she'll have to say something intelligent...

-- Posted by goat lady on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 7:35 AM

...let's hope it's tomorrow night...

-- Posted by goat lady on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 7:37 AM

Don't count on anything intelligent from any of the candidates.

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 10:05 AM

Hey, instead of voting for Obama, why don't you guys vote for me. Just like Obama, I have no experience and I've never been in the military. So, in a time of war, I won't know what to do either. But, I do know that raising taxes has ALWAYS hurt the economy and has NEVER lowered the deficit. (So, I do have one up on him there).

PS. Don't bother telling me about Clinton balancing the budget. The Budget is not EVEN CLOSELY RELATED to the deficit (which was well over a trillion dollars or so during his time). A lot of uneducated people thought the balance and the deficit were the same...(including my other guitarist until I explained it). Good propaganda for Clinton.

-- Posted by Jim Morrison on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 1:04 AM

Stop bashing the Clintons, they are the gods that the GOAT worships. Please fill me in on all the unintelligent things Palin has said in the last 2 months GOAT. Then do the same for the great, experienced Senator Joe Biden.

-- Posted by shannonhoon on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 9:08 AM

So...did Palin say anything intelligent enough for ya'll?

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 9:52 PM

Well, ya know, hoon - I never did like it when Ronald Reagan used that cheap old trick (over and over and over) of saying, "Well, there you go again!!!" (head wag, wag, wag) And tonight I saw Palin do the same durn thing!

She kept critizing Biden for "dwelling on the past," and saying, "We want to look to the future!" Yeah, that's what you do when you want people to forget what your party did in the past.

I once sat in a city council meeting and listened to a local mayor do the same thing, when he wanted us to all forget that the city side-tracked a significant amount of money from our agency. "Let's forget the past and start fresh!"

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 9:58 PM

She held her own, dolphin, but she did it with flashy public-speaking tricks. I taught speech for about 20 years, and I recognize the techniques.

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 10:01 PM

Smoke and mirrors........

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 10:02 PM

I think they were both a little untruthful. Not something I like. Biden sure told an untruth a couple times and Palin probably was putting forth a false image.

Please help us all. How did we get to this where the best the Democratic and Republican parties have to offer is this?

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 11:00 PM

Speech and debate was definetely not my forte in high school, and the only reason I took it was because our English II teacher required a portion of it for her class, so I didn't see it from that standpoint. I just enjoyed the dialect she used, and how she fit it in perfectly with actual intelligent, yet understandable, words. She dodged the questions she didn't want to debate about so she didn't dig herself into a hole, and Biden did the same. Biden did, on the other hand, skip out on answering questions by going into a speech on something else, just as Palin did.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 9:13 AM

What you're talking about is the difference between substance and style. Most audiences are distracted by style and glitz, which Palin has plenty of!

However, my 10:02 p.m. comment about her being all "smoke and mirrors" is much more true than your 9 a.m. comment about Biden's "smoke and mirrors"! Biden - glitzy and magical? I hardly think so!

I think we know who had the razzle dazzle in this debate, but that doesn't mean she was right or that she "won" the debate. It just means she's cute and appealing.

-- Posted by goat lady on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 10:54 AM

Not glitzy and magical GL, repetitive...saying the same thing 10 different ways is the same thing as saying the same thing 1 way, only you try and make it sound like something different. I agree with gardengirl on another thread...I'll be glad when it's over so I can figure out how MY FAMILY is gonna live for the next 4 years.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 11:25 AM

I wouldn't expect you to like that or much of what Reagan accomplished GOAT. You are Democrat. And by your unwaivering support of two of the most liberal Senators (TOP 10 in EVERY ranking I have found), you are Liberal Democrat.

Congrats, GOAT for teaching speech and debate for 20 years. You are the kind that would use smoke and mirrors to describe what is going on in the 2008 election, but worship and praise the Slick One and claim he used anything but. The Slick One should write a book and smoke and mirrors and also on how to be the slimiest President with the lowest moral standards our country has known.

-- Posted by shannonhoon on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 1:30 PM

No way can it wear thin now that we know Sarah and Princess Diana were cousins! See, http://www.nzherald.co.nz/gossip/news/ar...

-- Posted by FJGuy on Thu, Oct 9, 2008, at 10:22 PM

Palin is running for vise president not president!!!! Everyone is talking about her glasses,her family jugging,and her down home cleches", PEOPLE REALIZE THAT IF SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN TO McCAIN (gods the judge of that) SHE WOULD BE THE PRESIDENT!!! Golly geee(wink) we should just show how down home stupid we are!

-- Posted by us traveler on Fri, Oct 10, 2008, at 7:04 AM

Golly Gee, whats the difference between her and Osama Bama when it comes to experience or knowledge? Wait a minute, don't go there, she actually has more.

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Sat, Oct 11, 2008, at 3:04 PM

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