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On the Road Oddities

Posted Saturday, June 30, 2012, at 9:37 AM

We happened on this Lincoln Navigator limo in bright pink, as we came back from St. Louis on old Highway 61 recently. I checked the website at www.huskeybus.com and found a picture of the interior of this elegant party wagon! Elvis would have loved it!
Getting off the Interstate!

My On the Road Traveling Buddy and I recently drove up the interstate to the St. Louis area for one of his family reunions--and, yes, folks, there are maniacs on the BigRoad!

On the way back to Southeast Missouri, the ORTB yanked that steering wheel to the east, and we escaped to the old road--Highway 61. The added time it takes to adopt this slower lifestyle is made up for by the increased pleasure of seeing the Oddities of the Road!

We ate a most enjoyable lunch at the old Sainte Genevieve Hotel, and we saw things we could never have seen, if we had stayed on the Interstate 55 Rat Race!

Of course, I'm not knocking the convenience and speed of the interstates that wend their way across our nation. They are a distinct improvement in moving large masses of harried travelers from north to south and back again. But for those of us old retired folk, who like to take our time and enjoy the scenery, you can't beat the old roads.

We'll be cruising along. getting 53.4 mpg in my friend's new Ford Focus, when we see something unique--a 30-foot steel kitchen fork, a giant lobster statue, the ruins of an old honkytonk where Elvis used to play--or a bright pink stretch limo.

"Hey, do ya want a picture of that?" says my ever-inquisitive traveling buddy.

We turn around, commit a very minor act of trespassing, and I climb all over the site, taking pictures. Usually, the owners of the outlandish item come out to see what we're doing, and then we get the "full tour." ("Hey, come on in and I'll show you what else we've got!")

But this was Sunday, and the place was so quiet, we could hear the crickets, complaining about the 100-degree heat. The limo just sat there in the dust, radiating waves of reflected sunshine.

I love these trips! I never had time for this lollygagging around the countryside, when I was teaching, and by the time I was retired, I was alone--and everybody knows that it's no fun to travel by yourself. Or. at least, that's how I feel.

We drive where we want, stop when we want, follow a side road whenever we please... It's a good life!

From the hot, dry hills of North Stoddard County, this is your old English-teacher-pretending-to-be-a-journalist, Madeline, signing off on a 106 degree summer day!

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Old 61 is a hoot now, I used to hate driving it, but I'll get off at Ste. Gen, stop and pick up some summer sausage at Oberle's, and have snacks all the way home, or meet friends at the Park-Ett in Perryville before going caving, roll through Cape, then hit 74 and 25 to get home to Dexter, nothing better than slower scenery now......took 67 to Springfield, 13 up through MO.....just fine by me!! Be Well, travel safe and stay cool down there!

-- Posted by kkcaver47 on Sat, Jun 30, 2012, at 5:17 PM

Love the back roads! Stop and pick up produce at the road side stands--sweet potatoes in Mississippi, tomatoes ans sweet corn in Missouri, watermelon at the Mennonite stand in Aquilla...

-- Posted by goat lady on Sat, Jun 30, 2012, at 8:15 PM

Nothing compares to a trip to Texas winding through big cities such as Pollard, Knobel and Peach Orchard in Arkansas. The old roads bring back many memories, stopping to read all historical markers from Mo to Disneyworld, probable adding 48 hours to the trip but my wife insisted our children become educated on earlier travelers who had used these same roads.

Life is a little slower and less hectic on the roads less traveled.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Sun, Jul 1, 2012, at 6:21 AM

Yeah, that Mennonite stand is my wife's favorite, goat lady! I love the milk you can buy there.

You got that right, Dexterite. When you use the intestate or main roads, you save time but miss scenery and the oddities. Route 66 through Oklahoma is my favorite. We traveled that coming back from Petrolia, TX from my parent's 5oth anniversary in '07. Lot's of goodies on that route!

-- Posted by swift on Mon, Jul 2, 2012, at 4:47 PM

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