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Barbie rides again!

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2012, at 7:48 AM

My granddaughter plays with my daughter's old Barbie dolls in the living room of my Tillman home last weekend. Of the 50-some odd dolls my daughter had, she dragged down a box of about 30 for Sophie to play with. This confection of a gown was made by my mother, whom my children knew as "Grandma Ruby," or simply "Gram." Mom would have loved to see her great-granddaughter enjoying the wardrobe she made! Though she died before Sophie was born, her memory lives on in the tiny stitches of these dresses.
Spending the weekend with Barbie and her admirers

Oh, the memories!

It has been at least 20 years since my house saw so many Barbie dolls being played with! It's a moment I have been waiting for.

My granddaughter is finally old enough for Barbie dolls!

For 25-30 years, my daughter's Barbies have been lying in a box, waiting for someone to come free them from their cardboard prison.

This last weekend, a tiny little girl, dressed in denim and pink, came to visit MiMi, and she unleashed the flock of feminine pulchritude from bondage.

Three-year-old Sophie just received her first Barbie doll for her birthday, and she has no idea what joys await her, as she changes the dolls into ball gown after ball gown.

"She doesn't understand that Barbie can't go everywhere in ball gowns," said my 30-year-old former Barbie aficionado daughter. "She'll have to learn to use the street clothes, too."

A few years ago, my daughter and I rescued the Barbies and their paraphernalia from the basement. I documented this fun project in my blog entitled "Barbie never dies." As we washed the tiny wardrobe, we dreamed of the day when my son's little daughter would be old enough for Barbie Mania.

Never was child more suited to the Barbie whirlwind lifestyle! I think my granddaughter was born with a sense of fashion. At the age of two, she loved getting clothes for her birthday, even more than she loved toys.

Watching her dance around my living room last weekend, pretending a stick was a microphone, I said, "How did you get to be so cute??"

She gave me a smile and a big hug and said, "My mommy did it!"

As she opened the birthday present from my daughter (clothes!),she said, "My mommy will LOVE this!"

I may not have many years left in my life at this late stage of the game, but I look forward to sharing them with my children and grandchildren, and I have no doubt that the skinny, big-boobed doll named Barbie will be a part of our lives.

When my granddaughters ask, in their sweet little bird voices, "But who will play Barbies with me?" Grandma Madeline--alias 'MiMi"-- will be right there to join in the fun!

Thank you, God, for the times we have to share with our families.

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Barbie will live forever in the hearts and lives of little girls, mommies and grannys. The originator of Barbie probably never dreamed how great a blessing and joy Barbie and Ken would bring to this dreary world.

Enjoy everyday, cherish the sweet times ahead, little girls are dreaming everywhere this season. Old men and women weep remembering the days of 'Barbie'.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Thu, Nov 29, 2012, at 7:57 AM

My sister wants to make a comment, but she's forgotten her password! She helped Mom with her Barbie wardrobe project all those many years ago, and every Christmas she bought my daughter Kristin a special Barbie. Those were good times!

-- Posted by Madeline1 on Thu, Nov 29, 2012, at 9:53 PM

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