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A blast from the past
Posted Tuesday, August 23, at 1:33 PM
There's nothing like going home...especially to meet friends after the passing of way too much time. In Minnie's youth, there were three of us who were glued at the hip, it seemed. Minnie and her friends matured in age, (but never in spirit) agreeing years ago that when they reached a certain milestone in years, six decades to be exact, they would meet again on the turf they once called home. ...

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An Easter tradition
Posted Tuesday, March 29, at 5:38 PM

With the Easter season being all about The Resurrection, I though it appropriate to resurrect Minnie. With thoughts of Easter around the corner, I felt compelled to break by age-old silence and inform readers of an innovative means by which to prepare your yard for spring/summer and at the same time celebrate the Easter season with unsuspecting grandchildren or in the case where grandchildren are in short supply, neighboring little ones...

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If they'd only asked...
Posted Monday, October 26, at 4:17 PM

I've been witness to a lot of strange things over the past 50 something years...teenagers with blue hair and purple fingernails, jeans that are worn around the calves instead of the waist, GPS systems in vehicles with voices that warn you when you get off track (it's almost like having the kids back home and mouthing at me from a seat on the dashboard), handheld devices that can tell me about anything from anxiety to zedonks...but I don't believe I've ever been witness to anything so obviously strange as all this stimulus money that's been thrown around over the past year.. ...

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Off hiatus
Posted Tuesday, June 9, at 5:32 PM

I looked it up, and Webster defines "hiatus" as "a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series or action," or "a missing part; gap of lucana." Hmmmmmmmmmm....now I'm going to have to look up "lucana." Forget it. I'll just go along with the missing part bit. ...

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Posted Saturday, January 10, at 10:20 AM

It happens every year. I promise myself I'm going to stick with all the behaviors that in theory will make be skinny and beautiful, organized and prompt…no more procrastination, wastefulness or bad eating habits. This year was no different, but I'm doing better than in past years. My primary goal for 2009 was to walk two miles a day. I chose last Tuesday as the day. One down. That one wasn't so difficult after all...

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She's baaaaaaaaack!
Posted Tuesday, December 2, at 9:42 PM

Some of you may not have been aware of the reason for Minnie's absence over the past few weeks....ok, months. Well, if you'd been paying attention to the media, and who hasn't, you would have seen that Miss Minnie herself was vying for the top spot in the nation. Yes, there I was, right alongside Oblahma and McSame. Don't know how you could have missed me. I was the one with the orthopedic shoes and the clean shaven chin...

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Why exactly is less more?
Posted Wednesday, September 10, at 9:18 PM

I went down the snack aisle the other day at the big conglomerate grocery store (that we all know and dislike, but go to anyway), in search of some crackers…just a box of plain old crackers. This was no easy task. I found chicken flavored thins (have you ever seen a thin chicken?), bacon and ranch flavored crackers, rosemary and olive oil wheat Triskets, basil and tomato crackers and cheese crackers of all kinds...

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To Spanks or not to Spanks
Posted Friday, August 22, at 12:13 PM

I had a fancy shmancy event to attend recently and was feeling every bit of that extra 20 pounds that I need to walk off or no-carb off or no-sugar off or count points off. And the night before the event, on Oprah (the 10 p.m. version), the beloved Queen of talk was promoting items for women that were "quick fixes" to make them feel and look better (than what they really are, I suppose)...

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Never thought I'd own one of those...
Posted Tuesday, July 22, at 11:49 PM

I recall the younger days when I'd see the "elders," (kind of makes me sound like a Mennonite)…using items that I deemed fit only for the truly aged; those who were (I thought) near calling the cemetery 'home.' Those "oldsters" were probably all of 55'ish at the time. And, I swore that never, no NEVER, would I succumb to the likes of things like bifocals and ankle socks...

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The lost vehicle
Posted Tuesday, July 8, at 10:13 PM

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and lost my vehicle. True story, and one that I hope not to experience again any time soon. I sailed into the parking lot just like I do on almost every given day it seems. You'd think that by now I would have earned a designated spot with my name on it, but since I apparently haven't achieved that rank just yet, I found the nearest-to-the-door convenient parking spot and hustled into the store, with a thousand things on my mind and no shopping list...

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Posted Tuesday, June 10, at 11:43 PM

With the onset of the summer season, menopausal minds turn to vacations, or lack of, due to the soaring price of motion lotion. And so, keeping in mind that the mortgage payment on my first home was only eight times the current price of a gallon of gasoline, it seemed an appropriate time to recall a memorable vacation. I can't afford to take one, so I might as well recall one...

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What to do with your stimulus check...the common sense answer
Posted Sunday, May 18, at 12:54 AM

Someone was good enough the other day to forward me an email with a message that, if taken to heart, should result in a profound boost in the local economy. The message was a word to the wise regarding the current stimulus check that if you have not yet received, should be coming your way any day now...

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It's no "journey"
Posted Thursday, May 8, at 10:58 PM

The other day I heard, from one of those "soft talk show" hostesses (the kind with the soupy sweet kind of voice that you want to scare from behind with a dead mouse in her peripheral vision) on one of those channels that one just kind of skips across while on the way to find something worthwhile on TV, say that menopause is like a "journey"…like a vacation of sorts…with stops along the way to visit and take in new sites…YEAH, RIGHT….more like a trip to hell, I'm thinking...

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Posted Monday, April 14, at 12:11 AM

There is something to be said for youth… …and if I could recall what it was, I'd expound upon the subject. With each day, however, it seems that I am less able to recall just what was so great about those days of yore. It's not that they weren't something to write home about. It's just that I can't remember what it is I should have written!...

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Taking the good with the bad
Posted Tuesday, March 18, at 11:29 PM

The world seems to be changing at a rate with which Minnie has a bit of trouble contending at times. While some of the changes are welcome, some are not. The fact that I can take 50 pictures on a digital camera, view them on the computer, punch in the ones I want copies of on Wal-Mart's photo website and pick up my prints an hour later in town…now that's a good thing...

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An "Earie" episode
Posted Wednesday, February 27, at 9:05 PM

My apologies to bloggers across Blogland. I have indeed been remiss in my duties as a bloggist…is that what I have been reduced to…a bloggist? Hmmmmmm, a blogographer might be a more impressive title. No matter, Miss Minnie is back, and in the nick of time, as I see there are messages from two of my favorite supporters, GT and Cake. Sorry, dearies….a social life calls...

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The things we save...
Posted Friday, February 1, at 3:17 PM

The things we save… A comment on our dear Snowbound Madeline's blog prompted this subject. I believe Maddie may even have touched upon it once before. A blogger whose mother once wrapped plastic bread bags around her children's tennis shoes so that they could play in the snow posted a note. This, of course, brings to mind the question of the day…why do we save the things we do?...

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Another doctor's visit...
Posted Thursday, January 17, at 8:43 PM

Ok, I've learned from experience not to leave ink pens lying about and I've learned that Comet works on some stains, but not all (see previously posted "Dr.'s Visit" to fully comprehend this statement). But I finally addressed another aspect of doctor-going that came to light a few years ago…one that I never could quite figure out how to approach with a response, until this week...

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Resolutions from Minnie
Posted Wednesday, January 2, at 11:37 PM

Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent upon some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."...

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Missin' Minnie
Posted Thursday, December 27, at 12:06 AM

Apologies go to the loyals herein, for my absence. Can't tell you just how long it's been. But the season upon us demands so much time, and there aren't enough hours in the day to call mine. I decked out the tree and got it all lighted, plugged in too many and it nearly ignited...

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