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Traffic lights, Trains and M

Posted Friday, January 7, 2011, at 12:10 PM

I know I'm not the only one who has issues with stop lights

and trains. If you live in Dexter you know what I mean when

I say the "train" word. For the most part I have learned to

cope with these 'slow-me-down' type situations. But occasionally,

I can get 'sorta out of sorts'.

I suppose the worst part of being stopped by a train is when the

train is stopped. If you're on one side of the tracks and need to

get to the other side, you don't know how long you must sit there

and wait. Many years ago I taught myself to take that time to

reflect on something positive or maybe have my bible or other

book with me to read for a few minutes. Most of the

time I try to take those minutes to relax my mind. God knows

I need that. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it so

why not make the most of it?

Stop lights are another story. The time we spend at traffic lights

vary. Most are programmed for different time frames. I have timed

them all over the country and it's funny, but I have never sat at a

light more than three minutes. Most of the time it is less. They

have ranged from twenty-eight seconds to three minutes, but it

always seems so much longer. There are times when one may

be on the blink and I have to sit through two or three (or four)

changes. Howver, more often than not most are two minutes or

less. Now watch. I know some of you are going to start checking

the time and you will have different results from mine.

There is one light locally that I have a fear of. It is the one at

highway 25 and Stoddard street. Years ago it was a four way stop.

Since I lived out of town for many years, my mind is still stuck in the

four-way mode. Funny how our minds can get stuck in certain modes.

The worst part for me are the drivers who are more impatient than I am.

If you don't move the very second the light changes, they are honking

their horns at you.

One of the funniest incidents I have seen was in Birmingham, Alabama.

I was in the second lane of a four lane street. In the lane next to me

were two young ladies (?) As soon as the light changed, the driver started

honking the horn incessently and the two were making all sorts of gestures

towards the driver in front of them. But....low and behold, as soon as the

driver moved, the young lady's (?) car stopped running! There they sat

with drivers behind them honking at them! This is where I absolutely must

insert LOL. (laughing out loud)

What lessons can we learn from these time consuming situations? Remember,

the world says "what goes around comes around." Our bible says , "For

whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Don't you think the two

girls reaped what they sowed? They sure were ducking their heads.

So, let's work at being more patient, more kind, more helpful and sow good

seeds so that we can reap good rewards. We might even have an opportunity

while we are waiting to help someone such as the driver in front of the girls

by getting them help if they need it.

See ya next time somewhere in the Korner.


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The length of time I must spend at traffic lights varies in direct comparison with how badly I need to use the restroom.

When I am the car that gets the impatient honk, I throw my arms in the arm and wave them about wildly--pretended surprise. The person behind me must wait until I get grasp of my senses before I can drive away from the light. I refuse to honk at a driver at a traffic signal because my mother used to tell me that, when you get in a hurry, you get old. Don't want THAT to happen...*L*

-- Posted by geezerette on Fri, Jan 7, 2011, at 2:25 PM

A few days ago I was driving down Catalpa and saw the train crossing guards begin to go down. I noticed the train was moving very slow so I decided to experiment. It was 3:26pm. I turned around and went on Stoddard to Hwy25 and took Bus.60. When I got to the four way stop at Catalpa, it was 3:32 and the train was still holding up traffic. I saved 6 minutes! These trains bug me because they don't have a predictable schedule. But it never fails! If I'm in a hurry, I'll have to wait for one!

My grandmother always said that delays are often times providential. Sometimes God may be delaying us to keep us from something bad ahead. It could also be an open door of opportunity, just as you mentioned. Lord, help me to be more patient!

-- Posted by swift on Fri, Jan 7, 2011, at 3:38 PM

The one thing I can't handle is someone riding the rear end of my car. I have 2 kids that ride in my backseat, and my one goal is to get where I'm going safely. I have a lack of patience myself, but I won't put my, or other people's, children in danger just to get somewhere faster. So, whenever someone rides the rear end of my car, I conveniently confuse my brake w/ my accelerator. Suddenly, the car I was driving 35 MPH slows to around 15 or so. It's my way of trying to teach someone patience. I won't slam on my brake, b/c that's no more safe than the person riding the rear end, but they do think I'm turning for a few blocks b/c of the way I'm slowing.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Mon, Jan 10, 2011, at 3:12 AM

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