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A Minnie Labor Day reminder

Posted Sunday, September 2, 2007, at 2:20 PM

May Labor Day bring each one of you a day so laborless and full of fun, you'll forget to take your teeth out before falling into a deep slumber on the sofa in the late afternoon, thereby producing a chattering kind of snore upon exhaling...and giving the appearance of a roadkill muskrat, with the upper lip turned in so far it hardly exists! Most importantly, ladies (and gents who harbor a pair of white buckskins in the closet)...NO MORE WHITE SHOES, sandles or otherwise, except, of course, walking shoes (gym shoes, as we called them in days of old). Let us have no faux pas...say "adios" to all footwear with no pigment until Memorial Day, 2008!!

Minnie o'

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So true, Cake Lady. I knew you would appreciate my ingenuity in using common kitchen ingredients to tint my unmentionables.

Just goes to show that a knowledge of such items as creme of tartar, turmeric, basil, and allspice can have practical applications outside the realm of cooking.

-- Posted by goat lady on Tue, Sep 11, 2007, at 7:58 AM

In my era, one did not discuss the color of one's undergarments...however, Goat Lady, your revelations are a breath of fresh air! And to think you accomplished it using one of my favorites - cream of tartar. Isn't it amusing that they don't list all of it's purposes on the can?

-- Posted by letseatcake633 on Mon, Sep 10, 2007, at 8:54 PM

Why, yes, I do, Ducky Dear! Which color would you prefer -- shocking chartreuse or electric blue?? I am most pleased with the delightful hues I mixed from my mixture of grapes, toothpaste, and creme of tartar...

I don't believe that our own dear Cake Lady could have concocted a more vivid pallet of colors...

-- Posted by goat lady on Mon, Sep 10, 2007, at 7:34 PM

Oh my gosh! I'm soooo out of date. I had NO idea that we have to wear pigmented underwear after Labor Day. Aggh. Goat lady, do you still have any of that dye left over????

-- Posted by Ducky on Mon, Sep 10, 2007, at 5:02 PM

Yellow Rose, the details of your life just get more and more interesting....and then your sister, the Queen of Essex, adds to another blog. I have laughed myself silly of late. ...Not that I wasn't silly before that...

As for my decision to stay home and dye my underwear for the Post-Labor Day season, I fear that my boss was not very understanding and flatly vetoed the entire scheme!

Now I'm not sure I can leave the house with any degree of confidence, as I just know that I will be involved in a car accident and will be taken to the hospital in white underwear (albeit clean). I fear the ridicule of the fashion-conscious hosptital staff when they see that I have not switched to pigmented unmentionables after the Labor Day cut-off date for white.

-- Posted by goat lady on Sun, Sep 9, 2007, at 10:39 AM

Sorry to burst your bubble Mr.Truthy,but I am an 1980's baby.

You must have missed it, but we in Essex noted many years ago we can substitute Essex for Texas in any song. At least those of us without premium cable packages. "O the stars at night,shine big and bright,deep in the heart of Essex".

I remember we had a music teacher in grade school who taught us that,and we thought it was funny,until the Yellow Rose song,which is my middle name my family uses for me. So,it became my "theme" song,and I learned to appreciate it instead of get upset,and I reminded others they didn't have one-lol.

I really appreciate the kind comments of my more mature cyberpals. I have only my parents, grandparents (maybe a grouchy older sister)Oprah, and Dr.Phil to thank for any insights or streetsmarts I might have at my age. I really appreciate the thoughts of older people,because like my grandparents have been through the Great Depression,wars,polio,civil rights,and the list goes on and on,and yet they went on to have productive lives and still laugh when their invisible "dog" farts!

I KNOW I'm not that tough-I'm still upset that I can't afford an iPhone!

We are in a war,but because there is no draft,we aren't under the same pressure as earlier generations.

I always went to a desegregated school that has central heat and air,but I did have to get up by 7:00 to walk the 150 yards to the end of our driveway to catch the bus-does that count as hardship? Hardly,but I will embellish it to my future kids and grandkids,"Why with global warming it would be 120 degrees on that walk in the winter"

-- Posted by Yellow Rose of Essex on Fri, Sep 7, 2007, at 8:26 AM

GL, if you tell your boss, I am sure he will understand completely. Go ahead, and let us know how that works out for you.

Do you think Yellow Rose is really that young? Her name appears to be an off take of an old song called "The Yellow Rose of Texas". If she is aware of that song, she may be closer to my age. "Old" How about it Rose? Not asking your age, but do you have as many labor days behind you as you potentially have ahead of you like me?

-- Posted by I.B. Le Truth on Thu, Sep 6, 2007, at 11:19 PM

By the way, I certainly agree with you about Yellow Rose - I find it hard to believe that so much wisdom and street smarts could come from someone so young!

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Sep 6, 2007, at 10:10 PM

Horrors! I certainly hope we ARE allowed to wear white underwear after Labor Day, or I'm flat out of luck!

I fear I shall have to stay home and dye my unmentionables tomorrow! Do you think my boss will understand??

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Sep 6, 2007, at 10:08 PM

Oh wise Minnie...after having completed my shopping excursion and stocking up on pigmented footwear one question remains unanswered...does one wear white underwear after Labor Day? It suddenly occurred to me that my undies are completely unadorned - not as much as a pullet stamp to add a touch of color. If it's not too personal a question...

-- Posted by letseatcake633 on Thu, Sep 6, 2007, at 9:14 PM

Just curious, Minnie 'O -- What inspired your idea, since you posted a new blog on "The Perfect Man"???

Hahaha! Was it Rusty Nail's totally off-the-wall question??

Well, it was worth it - 'cause the new blog is GREAT! I got totally carried away, I'm afraid!

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Sep 6, 2007, at 7:01 AM
Minne O'Pausal's response:
Oh herder woman,

No, it wasn't Rusty Nail, who by the way must be 80 if he had that teacher in 1934. I believe quite honestly (that rare trait in men), that I got the inspiration for the "Perfect Man" from the recent comments of Yellow Rose in the "In My Next Life" blog. Young as she is, she is inspiring in spite of herself!! So many other maley attributes have occurred to me, I may have to expound elsewhere. But then, of course, I could not function without Ducky's wisdom and your own! You always offer food for thought And then there's Cake, who of course offers food for other purposes.

m 'o

Rusty nail, we're talking about Labor Day fashion here! Quit trying to get us sidetracked from our excruciatingly significant issues!

-- Posted by goat lady on Wed, Sep 5, 2007, at 9:44 PM
Minne O'Pausal's response:
I feel a blog coming on...

m 'o

Hello , any one out there that Had Melissa Ezzell for a teacher I see in the deaths that she has passed away, she was my 2nd grade teacher East of Bloomfield in a country school in 1934, sure would like to hear from you.

-- Posted by bent nail on Tue, Sep 4, 2007, at 6:11 PM

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. I got to chase black snakes out of the brush piles in my back yard. The piles are getting smaller, but the snakes appear to be getting bigger. Ack! It's nice to know you still have adrenaline.

-- Posted by Ducky on Tue, Sep 4, 2007, at 12:39 PM

But, of course, Mr. Cake must forego the wearing of white garments for his funeral wake, as well; that is, if his passing occurs after the holidays.

Unfortunately, dear Minnie, the weather appears not to be cooperating with our Labor Day rules. I fear that there will be considerable infractions of the rules of etiquette, since the temperatures are still blistering.

-- Posted by goat lady on Sun, Sep 2, 2007, at 9:11 PM

Minnie dear...may I have a dispensation for my pigment-free fringed boots for a fortnight? You see, I am in need of a new pigmented pair and am unable to do my customary pigment-free yearly shopping as my dear husband is a little under the weather.

-- Posted by letseatcake633 on Sun, Sep 2, 2007, at 2:48 PM
Minne O'Pausal's response:
Oh, my dear Cake,

So sorry to hear of Mr. Cake's undertheweatherness, and with that in mind, I suppose you might be granted half a fortnight's dispensation from the non-pigmented footwear. I will take no responsibility, however, for the scorn one might encounter from those less Labor Day pigment-minded than I. Keep in mind that more than a full eight hours remain for you to don your lower digits with the non-pigmented footwear of your choice. However, if need be, as demonstrated by your current spouse's cakelessness behavior, you are hereby granted adequate dispensation to allow you to make a quick trip to Payless or Shoe Carnival or heaven forbid, Wal-Mart, in an effort to find pigmented footwear. All my good wishes are with you and may your dessert-devouring spouse either recover or succomb to the effects of superb cake-eating, but only if he has had the presence of mind to consult a good attorney as to the beneficiary of his estate (keeping in mind who makes the best cake-baking blogger in recent history.


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