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Oh, to be organized...

Posted Tuesday, October 2, 2007, at 9:02 PM

The other day I reached up into a kitchen cabinet…the one where I keep light bulbs, envelopes, WD-40 (you recall, that's the anti-wrinkle formula), and I could not find what it was I needed…as I recall, it was an old pair of reading glasses. Instead of being right where they should have been (right by the WD-40), they were nowhere to be found. There were garden gloves and rubbing alcohol and one of those little lights that you can touch and it turns on…and a roll of fishing line (although I don't fish), and Rust-o-leum in a variety of colors, and Coppertone #8 Sunscreen (not much protection), and a Bingo dobber, (in case I'm feelin' "lucky"), a jar of jewelry cleaner (for all my jewels), some Tums, a can of "Great Stuff" (it's great stuff), three bottles of hydrogen peroxide (ya never know), a giant tube of wood glue, some Apples & Cinnamon scented liquid simmering potpourri concentrate, a jar of plumber's putty, steel wool, a Universal Windshield Washer Pump, (that "meets or exceeds original equipment specifications"), a bottle of liquid something that is guaranteed to smell just like deer urine, and last but not least, a similar-looking bottle labeled, "Odor Lock," which is guaranteed to make you smell like nothing, should you choose to go to the deer woods with your bottle of deer-urine-scented stuff in hand. I suppose one counteracts the other; I really don't know.

What I DO know is that the cabinet that contains all these things does NOT contain a pair of reading glasses. And as unorganized as the above-mentioned contents makes me appear, I felt much better about my organizational skills (or lack of) when I contemplated this….

at least they're all in the cabinet!

I think that God just did not intend for me to an organized individual…not in any way, not even in my thoughts...they're all over the board. I'm sending an email and I jump up to boil an egg cause it suddenly dawns on me that tomorrow might be a low-carb day. I'm boiling the egg and I recall that there are clothes in the washer to be dried, etc. etc. etc. The day is over and I have 50 things half done. But tomorrow's right around the corner…

And speaking of corners, I need to clean that one in the bathroom…where's that Comet…right by the furniture polish…gotta polish that end table…where's that candle that usually sits here?…in the bedroom? Did I say bedroom?…need to strip those sheets to wash…and so on and so on. Perhaps I'll be Martha Stewart in another life. Speaking of which…I think I have a book of hers somewhere…

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I guess my absolute favorite thing is that, upon looking for something that I will never find in the time I have alloted for me to find it, I found the thing I was looking for 3 days ago b/c I needed it 3 days ago, and 3 days ago was the last day I would have had a reason to find it! And of course I could swear that I looked in that exact spot 3 days ago! I, also, was not destined to be organized. My thoughts are also the same, as my house-cleaning technique. And I will almost never put myself in the position of preparing a big dinner for family and friends other than Thanksgiving and Christmas. B/c, by the time my rambled mine runs me completely out of energy attempting to complete every dish (surprised that I didn't burn or undercook any of it somehow), I am too tired to eat. Good to know I'm not the only one. Misery loves company, I guess.

-- Posted by mrsdolphin on Thu, Nov 1, 2007, at 8:15 PM

I always know where the really important/necessary/much needed things are. They are in that special place I put them so I can find them at any given time. Now if only I could remember where that special place is. I would be able to find the keys {any and all keys go to this place}, the title to my car,the dog's tags that shows she is up to date on her shots, the $100.00 that I was saving {forgot what for}, my favorite earrings, the cards I wanted to send out for special occasions, etc.,etc.,etc. I thought this place would be there when I went back to it. haha If I do come across one or all of the above, I will celebrate by putting them in that special place so I will always know where the really important/necessary/much needed things are.

-- Posted by Grati Tude on Tue, Oct 30, 2007, at 7:16 PM

We may have more to worry about than goat "tippers." Have you read Sasha's new blog?

-- Posted by goat lady on Thu, Oct 4, 2007, at 6:28 PM

Minnie-the contents of your cabinet read like a cross between Cake's "secret ingredient" list when she is finally called to the Iron Chef competition or an anti-vandalism starter kit(Minnie style).

You could put the deer urine in the spray bottle (and anything oily or potpourri scented)and spray it on any would be vandals,especially their shoes. A peek-a-poo could follow that scent,and the thugs would be stopped in their tracks. With just those ingredients,even their own mommas would turn them in,just to keep the stink out of the house!

Halloween is just around the corner you know-goat tippers BEWARE!

-- Posted by Yellow Rose of Essex on Thu, Oct 4, 2007, at 3:46 PM

Ladies, I totally sympathize. I especially related to goat lady's delayed scrap book project, since my own

is 4 years behind. During my children's

growing up years, I faithfully put pictures in chronological order in those albums with sticky pages covered by clear sheets. Now I know those are not acid-free and thought I would do better with the grandchildren's pictures and go for the lovely scrapbooks with decorative stickers, etc. However, it's just too intimidating, and I'm not doing anything! It's probably time to admit my limitations, quit stressing about it, and go back to simple. All I want is something to look at when I end up in a nursing home, anyway. We can try too hard.

-- Posted by gardengirl on Wed, Oct 3, 2007, at 9:44 AM

I sympathize completely, Minnie! I have not been able to use the lovely wooden desk in my kitchen for years, because it is loaded two feet deep with the following items: several empty scrapbooks that I will start filling with grandchildren's photos AT ANY TIME; a Buddy Holly CD in a broken case; a musical Elvis gorilla which plays "Wild Thang" whenever you squeeze its hand; assorted empty boxes for sending things AT ANY TIME; a Dollar General bag full of balloons, markers and assorted party items; a bag of yarn which I will crochet into a baby afgan AT ANY TIME (missed the last baby, but there's another one on the way); assorted manila envelopes containing I-don't-know-what (since they're at the bottom of the pile); and a file cabinet organizer, complete with metal hangers. This latter item is also at the very bottom of the pile.

It's easy to see that I have good intentions which have gone awry....

-- Posted by goat lady on Wed, Oct 3, 2007, at 8:55 AM

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