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Corey's demise...

Posted Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 11:04 AM

With the help of all of my constituents, to include all ducks, goats, cakes and yellow roses, I believe we have solved the problem at hand.

Just prior to being devoured, Mr. Noles was heard to utter..."I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry...I'mmmmsooooooo"

A very satisfied arachnid was last seen heading north up Stoddard Street, looking a bit humble.

With sanity intact, we shall go forward.

m o'

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We are amused,and feel Minnie has been vindicated.Hail to the Chief O'Pausal!

-- Posted by Yellow Rose of Essex on Thu, Oct 11, 2007, at 2:42 PM

Indeed. Hail to the Chief!

By the way, that's a good looking spider.

-- Posted by Ducky on Fri, Oct 12, 2007, at 10:48 AM

So pleased to see that Mr. Noles has been properly chastised (and perhaps even eaten) for his dastardly attack on our esteemed Minnie!!

A black widow will do quite nicely!!

All hail, Glorious Leader! Queen of the pernicious arachnids! Blogmaster Extraordinaire!

-- Posted by goat lady on Fri, Oct 12, 2007, at 5:03 PM

I have saved the picture of poor CoreyN on my computer and have made it my wallpaper. Let this picture forever be a warning to those who would dare defame our Marvelous Minnie.

-- Posted by Ducky on Mon, Oct 15, 2007, at 12:53 PM

good pic

-- Posted by lynn1979 on Thu, Oct 18, 2007, at 10:03 PM

Corey's a good sport!

-- Posted by goat lady on Sat, Oct 20, 2007, at 4:01 PM

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